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When most here speak of retirement, they speak of retiring as a couple which implies sharing and pooling of resources and expenses in retirement and yet there are others here at the Fool who are notably successfully retired in a solo situation.

When my marriage ended in 2007, my plans for early retirement were dashed after splitting half of our assets. That said, almost six years later, I have regained considerable ground on my own - which only goes to show me how much of a drag my ex-husband was, lol - he was a spendthrift.

So that leads me to now re-consider the possibility that I still may be able to retire early.

I currently have another partner, we are not married, but most of his assets are tied to his homeland, Peru.

It occurs to me that due to the currency conversion, his assets are worth far less here and my own, in USD, are probably worth quite a bit more in Peru.

I am tossing around a situation where we might eventually live here in the US part of the time and back in Peru part of time, where he has an oceanfront home (yeah!)...

I don't know, but would love to hear of the experiences of others here who may have been in a similar situation or know of others who have managed this successfully.

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