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I am planning to retire next month. If I can make 10% on my retirement savings and retirement lump sum payment, this would equal my current income.

I also have over 6 six months worth of cash in savings and no debt. I am also in my middle fifties with no serious health proplems.

The planner that I have been talking to recommends that I put 20% into Van Kampen Emerging Growth Fund, 20% into Van Kampen Enterprise Fund, 20% into Van Kampen Growth and Income Fund, with the 40% in some kind of bond fund all of which are load funds.

1. The Van Kampen Emerging Growth Fund is an Aggressive Growth Fund. (High Risk)
2. The Van Kampen Enterprise Fund is a Growth Fund. (Moderate Risk)
3. The Van Kampen Growth and Income Fund is a Growth and Income Fund. (Low Risk)
4. Some kind of bond fund which pays a fixed rate.

My experience is very limited in investments. The above appears to be very diversified with good management (long term). Considering the current market all of the above funds is on the minus side however this may be close to the time to buy.

What recommendations can you offer? Any ideas are welcome.


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Congratulation on your retirement.

Stay with a no-load funds you pay no commission.

With "LOADED FUNDS" commissions are high.

Before you do anything read as much as you can

before you invest.

Stay with an independent financial planner, they charge

one time flat rate fee.

Enclosed is step by step from FOOL HOME look for:

How to Invest
13 Steps, Investing Basics, Kid Investing, Valuing Stocks, Investment Clubs, Bonds

I hope this helps?
WE must reeducate ourselves....

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