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Wyoming’s State Treasurer, Joe Meyer, died this past week. His obituary is here:

Joe graduated from law school in the class just ahead of mine. It was a small law school, so we all knew each other pretty well. Of course, most of us had known each other since high school. It is, after all, a fairly sparsely populated State. Joe was a nice guy, soft spoken, generally pretty calm about things.

The obituary mentions his term as Attorney General of Wyoming. What it doesn’t mention is that in Wyoming, Attorney General is an appointed position. Joe was a registered Republican. The Governor who appointed him was a Democrat. Of course, they had been high school classmates, as well as law school contemporaries. That happens fairly often in Wyoming.

We’ll miss Joe. He was a good public servant.

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In Virginia, the top 3 positions - governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, are all voted on separately so you can end up with a mixed executive branch, as we did in 2006. Tim Kaine (D) was governor and Bob Bolling (R) was lt. governor and our present governor, Bob McDonnell (R), was attorney general. And yes, if the governor dies or something, the lt. governor takes over. Keeps them on their toes.

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