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I saw that tconi had posted it elsewhere on the boards, and most of you who would stop and read here have already heard the news, but for those of you who haven't seen it elsewhere...richdaughter, who posted on TMF long ago, passed away thanksgiving weekend.

Cancer, of course. Because WHY THE F@*K NOT?!

I have been fortunate enough to meet many amazing and outstanding people, first through here and now through other outlets, but (excluding the other residents of my home) she was the best one could ever hope to know. And those of you out there who also knew her are nodding your heads in agreement. She was inspiring and kind and smart and sharp and competent and witty and funny and knowledgeable and well-read, and also approachable and modest and caring and open and always ready and able to help others.

I am grateful and honored that she called me her friend. She always, ALWAYS, in her own way, guided us to be better people and directed us towards our better angels, as it were, and I will try to do so, in honor of her memory.

She will be missed and mourned by many. Condolences to her family.

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