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I recently read both the Motley Fool Investment guide and RM RB and I don't understand. Are the F4 and RMRB just 2 different types of strategies. Some people do one and some people do the other. Or do they somehow work together and there is a way to do both at the same time to maximize your earnings. Also if they are 2 totally separate strategies then as a beginning Fool with limited $$$ what should I do first.
Thank You
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Hi yispol,

Sorry that your post has been left dangling.

F4, RB and RM are 3 different strategies. Most people would start off with indices until they have sufficient funds for F4, e.g. normally $4,000. If you have sufficient funds from the start, you could go directly into the F4. The reason that F4 is normally done first is because it is a quick, simple investment strategy with reasonable returns.

Rule Maker (RM) normally comes next. This is looking at the large, well-established companies that dominate their industries. It takes a bit of research and decision making on your part (looking at the annual reports and deciding on the competitors and brand strength), but once you get the hang of it, it is reasonably easy.

Rule Breakers (RB) tending to be smaller, high-growth companies, requiring more in-depth study of the company itself and its competitive position. It is considered by many to be higher risk, but it also has the possibility of higher returns as well.

Remember, try to keep commission costs down, but also make sure that you fully understand each strategy before you attempt to apply it with real money.

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