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Rumors are swirling about a possible announcement that is sure to create a storm among American schools, women voters and "soccer moms" across the country:

Romney promises to "repeal and replace" Obama's starve our school athletes policy and to return American schools to the old school lunch program...

Why does Obama hate children? Video expose below.

Even the New York Times points out that Obama wants our kids to starve:

Outside Pittsburgh, they are proclaiming a strike, taking to Twitter and Facebook to spread the word. In a village near Milwaukee, hundreds staged a boycott. In a small farming and ranching community in western Kansas, they have produced a parody video. And in Parsippany, N.J., the protest is six days old and counting.
...their complaint is about lunch — healthier, smaller and more expensive than ever.
...prices have gone up about 10 cents in many districts for students who do not qualify for free lunch, both to pay for fresh fruits and vegetables and to obey a federal requirement that lunch prices gradually increase to help cover their cost.
In Sharon Springs, Kan., lunch protesters at Wallace County High School posted a video on YouTube, “We Are Hungry”...Callahan Grund, a junior who stars in the video, said, “My opinion as a young farmer and rancher is that we produced this protein and it’s not being used to its full advantage.” He wakes up early every morning to do chores, stays after school for two hours of football practice and returns home for another round of chores. If it were not for the lunches his mother now packs him, he said, he would be hungry again just two hours after lunch.
...Students organized lunch strikes in a suburb of Pittsburgh, where in late August the hashtag “brownbagginit” was trending on Twitter, and outside Milwaukee, where the Mukwonago High School principal, Shawn McNulty, said participation in the lunch program had fallen 70 percent.
“There is a reduction in nacho chips, there is a reduction in garlic bread, but there’s actually an increase in fruits and vegetables,” Mr. McNulty said. “That’s a tough sell for kids, and I would be grumbling, too, if I was 17 years old.”

According to sources, here's a link to the Romney "video expose" Television Ad planned for national broadcast:

The children are crawling home hungry every night...


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It's a proven fact that the only meal children are allowed to eat comes through the school lunch program. This explains why there are so many childhood deaths during summer and vacation breaks. At least we can be thankful there are public water fountains so they aren't dying of thirst.
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return American schools to the old school lunch program...
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