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Democrats who think Obama won the debate are just whistling past the graveyard. Obama did a very poor job of defending himself and let Romney get away with whatever he wanted to say.

Where Obama missed:
* Not a single mention of the 20+ months of consecutive job growth after inheriting an economy which was losing 700,000 jobs per month.
* Not a mention of the fact that the $716 billion in Medicare "cuts" Romney was hanging around his neck are also in the Ryan budget.
* He let Romney paint him as a tax & spend liberal without noting that spending growth has been slower under his presidency than any of the previous 6 or 7 administration.
* He allowed Romney to say that Obama has killed domestic energy production without pointing out that things were slowed down due to the Macondo incident. A brief reminder of recent history would have been helpful here. All he had to say was he was in favor of developing domestic resources responsibly.
* He allowed Romney to claim that Massachussets has the #1 school system in the country without noting that Massachussets has had one of the top school systems in the country for decades--it was a perfect opening to point out that Romney was born on 3rd base and claimed he hit a triple. Obama could have crushed him here claiming it was the Democrats who controled Massachusetts for decades which built the school system. He could have even said "You didn't build that."
* He then allowed Romney to paint a pretty picture of vouchers and grading schools without pointing out that Massachusetts does not have a voucher program. He could have simply asked, "why are you promoting a program for the nation which the best educational system in the nation doesn't use?"

Even in the closing remarks, Obama was laconic. Here is an area where Obama could easily have a prepared speech, use his rhetorical skills, and paint a vision of where the nation should go. Instead he kind of said the next 4 years will be a slog like the last 4.

Romney did a very good job in form, if not substance. He made the same "ice cream and candy for everyone" argument that George W Bush made in 2000.
* We won't cut Medicare, in fact, we'll put $700 billion more into it.
* We won't cut the Military, in fact, we'll increase spending.
* We will cut taxes for everyone (even the 47% who don't pay?)
* Oh, and somehow, magically, the deficit will go down, because we always say that is very important.
* Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, oil & gas permitting, clean energy--all of the current rules will be eliminated and replace with what? Well, we won't give you any details, but it will be perfect!

Yet, because Obama let him say it without a strong rebuttal, he got away with it all.

I expect we will find the electoral map in much more doubt by the end of the weekend.
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