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People lose track of posts if you don't reply quickly. We just presume that you got too busy or lost interest. If you do reply later, then there's a feature on the Fool that can help you reconnect. When you post a reply, there's a checkbox at the bottom of the frame. One option is to "e-mail the reply to the Author". We'll get your reply by e-mail. Many people do not regularly read boards unless there's a new post. You're thread got buried and no one realized that you replied.

Talking bout WPRT. Your first mistake is misinterpreting that 927,029 number on the balance sheet. That is NOT the number of shares. That's the book value of the issued shares. This is hard to explain, because the accounting treatment here is strange. Historically, common stock is issued with a par value. Because bean counters need to count beans, no capital is ever issued without some value being assigned. The par value for preferred stock or a bond is very real and very significant. But for common stock it's kind of fudged. It's pretty meaningless. For an explanation try this:

So you need to IGNORE that number. You should also ignore Yahoo if you want to try to do these calcs yourself. Yahoo does not report the number of shares on their balance sheet data. You need to turn to the actual financials. You can search EDGAR for financial data:

Put the WPRT ticker in the fast search box and you go here:

This is EVERY document supplied to the SEC by WPRT. This is a very useful bunch of info as you get more sophisticated. Look for the latest 10-Q. In this case, WPRT is a foreign company, so the best you can do are annual numbers. Foreign company's file 40-F filings. Click on the "Interactive data link next to the newest 40-F and open it up:

Click "Financial statements", the left frame expands and you can now click "balance sheets". That brings you here:

If you read this balance sheet data, you'l find that same 937,029 number. It's meaningless. Look instead at the information NEXT to that number in the left column. It gives the number of authorized shares. It says "Issued: 63,480,722" That's the actual number of shares as opposed to their theoretical balance sheet value. These are almost always NOT in thousands. They are usually an actual sharecount.

63.5 million shares * $2.07 + $131.4 million of market cap. The discrepancy with Yahoo could be a Yahoo error. It could also be that some shares have been issued since the 40-F filing and Yahoo has fresher data. I can't be sure.

Any questions, just ask...

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