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Just wondering, is it possible to have different years of Roth IRA contributions with different trustees?

For example, I've got my $2000 of 1999 Roth IRA contributions with Vanguard in two mutual funds. But now I want a Janus mutual fund.

I don't really want to pay Vanguard's sales charge for every investment/disbursement i make/take to/from that Janus fund.

So I'm wondering if I can do my $2000 contribution for 2000 with Janus. And maybe 2001 with an online broker?

Would appreciate any and all suggestions.

Thanks and regards,

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If you are qualified to contribute to a Roth IRA, nothing keeps you from putting this year's contribution with a different trustee than last, and a different one next year. You will have a little more paperwork.
Janus and Vanguard are both excellent mutual fund companies, with a different philosophy, and to have accounts with both makes a lot of sense. Good Luck!
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Hi Chris,

Yes, I knew there would be more paperwork. But I'm pretty good about keeping financial info together and organized, so that won't be too big a problem.

And really, the big motivation is to avoid paying extra $$ just to have one trustee compile all the info for you. I'd rather keep the $35 a pop Vanguard would hit me with as a sales/distribution charge for myself?

Thanks for your speedy reply!


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