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The rotten core of liberal extremism is now on display around the world.

--Trump occupies the White House

--- Brexit dominates Britain

--- Merkel getting out before she's thrown out

--- Marcron dealing with grass roots revolution

Until two years ago, liberals could console themselves that the Fascists in Poland or whatever were their only worry, and easily swatted down.

Now, the heartland of Euroliberalism is occupied by some variety of Trumpism, as is Britain under the rule of Brexiteers with no hope of Obama riding in to the rescue ----not with Trump Occupying the White House.

The decayed rule of extremist liberalism and environmentalism lays exposed for all to see. All the liberal horses and all the liberal men can't put liberalism back together again.

So what's next?

Seattle Pioneer
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So what's next?

World War III
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