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Well once again, I got most of the way through a post and the computer crashed on me. So...lets try this again.

I haven't posted in a while, so I'll try to keep these short. Here's what's been going on:

My sister and neice finally moved back into their own house. There's still some stuff here, but they finally came and took the dogs and the cats, and BOB the guinea pig. (Named after "What About Bob!" because my sister most times forgot about him.) Good news is I'm down to one dog and two cats to take care of. Bad news is, they took the DVD player and my sister used to buy the groceries.

My mother is just starting to realize she hasn't dealt with the emotional trauma from the accident. She's doing some new type of therapy (dont recall the name) that is supposed to work well with trauma victims. Something to do with repetitive tapping sounds played in stereo through headphones on a tape. Some type of meditation thing. She's also taking an art therapy class. She called the other day and said that she had spent the entire art therapy session crying, and that her therapist had cut back on her personal sessions. I told her I thought that she should concentrate more on the personal sessions and make sure they are dealing with the accident issues instead of other stuff. She has been better since she got her Van back. Not calling 3-4 times a week for rides to where-ever. BUT, she still calls to ask me to come "do" stuff for her. Of course she never quite specific on what she wants done, she just kind of rattles off a list. Since my sister is now only 15 minutes away, and will be done with school for the summer, hopefully that will get me out of it.

I don't know if I mentioned that I went on that trip to NC. it seemed okay. Except I had to set one thing straight when we got to the hotel. He had booked one room with a king sized bed. I told him in no-uncertain terms that I didn't mind sharing a room with him, but I was in no way sharing a bed with him. He went and got a second room, and was grumbling about it costing another $300. I seriously thought about telling him in the morning that I was going to rent a car, and drive back. But he was calmer by the morning. The week started out rough, but it worked itself out by the end of the week. He was constantly asking me if I wanted to buy anything. I kept saying no. (we went to a couple of pottery shops etc.) He finally on the second day, handed me the $300 he had told me I would get for going and told me to buy what I wanted. I pocketed the money, and brought it home and paid bills with it. I didn't buy any knick-knacks at all, even though I was tempted at the one Jewelry store that had these little silver music boxes. But...I was good. I didn't spend it.

I finally took my winter rat off the road, when the insurance came due. I couldn't afford two cars, and I needed the truck to haul the riding mower and stuff. I got my summer car out of the garage, washed it up, and started to wax it, but the weather was so hot that day, I never finished. Still haven't gotten back to it. I started right up, despite the fact that it wasn't running when I put it in the garage. Of course when I got it in the front yard, and it was all washed, and I wanted to move it back to the driveway, it wouldn't start. Had to push it back to the barn. I may need a new starter, I don't know. Don't have the money to fix it right now anyway.

A month or more ago, I had gotten a letter from my old health insurance co. stating that they were going to re-evaluate the denial of my Zoloft coverage. This would have meant about $200 for me. I got all the paperwork together and sent it in and waited. I got a letter back the other day: they denied me coverage again stating only : Coverage is not available for this medication. (so why did you send me the re-evaluation to begin with??!?!?) I really could have used that $200.

On monday, I went down to my brother's property to mow lawn. I haven't done it in a few weeks because it was either boiling hot (90's) or pouring rain. I get there, unload the mower off the truck, mow about 5 feet and WHAM! I hit something. I managed to break the bracket that attaches the blade to the mower deck. I will have to order it from Sears. It's going to cost me $16 plus shipping handling and tax. Right now I don't have $2.00 let alone that. AND.. I can't earn it without the mower.

I was talking to my mother today. She was telling me that my brother has all these construction jobs lined up for the summer, and has been working non stop. I asked her when he was planning on paying me back the money he owes me. She told me he doesn't have any. Gave me the same old excuses she always gives me. She also told me his gf who is on probation went into jail yesterday, so that she could go through detox and get into therapy. Then she says he's talking about moving to NC for the winter because her father lives down there, and he can get jobs. I asked her if he was ever planning on paying anyone back that he owes money too. She just kept making excuses. I gave up and changed the subject.

The good thing that happened, is I went to the library the other day, and borrowed a couple videos, and found a good sized stack of books on the discard shelf that I was interested in. Many of them classic science fiction books. Some of the hard-cover. It amazes me what these library's through out sometimes. I also heard they are discarding a bunch of videos. It seems they are going to go to DVD's only. I asked the guy at the desk... What about people that don't have DVD players? He shook his head and said...: guess you're SOL. Am I getting old? or just not keeping up with progress??

I've also been trying to do some sewing. Finally managed to get my sewing desk cleared off. Sorted through some fabric that I had bought. I have enough to make at least 4 dresses, and a couple of shorts sets. Not to mention all the stuff that I had already cut out, that I hadn't even sewed together yet. I also took an old quilt top that my mother had made, and took an old comforter whose back cover was deterioraiting, and put them together to re-make the quilt. It still needs some quilting on the edge, and I ran out of the embroidery thread that I was using to "tie" it, but it should be done soon. It seems like every project I start I can't finish, because I don't have the tools/supplies etc. It's most annoying.

I was tearing apart my parts car the other day. I wanted to store some of the parts so in case I need to repair something on one of the others. I wanted to pull out the glass and interior pieces etc. I was trying to get the bashed in door open so I could remove the rest of the dash, and wouldn't you know the crowbar slipped and I totally smashed the window. There is now glass all over the back yard and the car. That was on tuesday. I still haven't cleaned it up. I figured after that I'd better quit for a while before I got myself seriously hurt. I think dad's annoyed with me, because he was out there today picking up some of the glass.

I got quite a few things done in my camper that I wanted to do. I put contact paper on the wall in the little bathroom area. Actually looks really good. My mother said she couldn't even see the seams unless she really looked for them. Unfortuately that's another project I can't finish until, I have more parts/supplies.

I went to a job fair at the local Ford dealership. Put in my application and my resume, and had a chat with the Office Manager. She seemed very nice. I think I talked to much. Trying to explain why my resume looked like I changed jobs like movie stars change husbands. They are opening a new GMC building, and are looking for a complete staff. I haven't heard anything back yet, but she did say it would be at least 10 days. I'm having misgivings about the whole thing. I really only want a part-time job. And, she said they are changing the hours of the dealership to 7-7 7 days a week. AND there's no WAY I would be able to get up for a 7 am job. I've done it once...but it was only a summer job. Winter is a whole different story. Sooo...I'm hoping she'll let me have evenings or something. Though, I'm not honestly expecting a call back anyway. Expecially if they start calling my old employers. But then...I wasn't on my medication back then...But how does one explain that?? Sorry...I was a lunatic back then, but I'm much better long as I don't skip my meds!!

My cat last week, went into some strange fits. I thought for sure she was having brain siezures. (Like my old cat had) Called the vet. He told me it was some type of inner ear thing. (i've forgotten the name of it) that it was fairly common. It throws off their balance and makes their eyes flicker back and forth. He told me to confine her to one room then bring her in, in the morning. Well wouldn't you know the next morning she was fine. I debated on taking her to the vet. I didn't have the money to pay for it. But I decided I'd better take her anyway. The Vet was amazed. He said they don't normally get over it in less than 2-3 weeks. She was completely fine, No temperature or anything. Cost me $37 to find that out. I had to post date a check. Luckily, I had just sent my brother a bill, and he had promised to send me a check by the 15th. (the check I dated was for the 17th)

I'm sure there's a few things I've left out. I have been making some progress getting the house cleaned up. (especially all the dog leavings all over the house) I've done some serious damage on the list of Anne Rice books. Taking about 3-4 days on the larger books. Which isn't really good since I stay up half the night reading. But since I have no cable, and I had to discontinue the Netflix, I don't have much else to do. I can only watch my 20 or so VCR tapes so many times. I've had my ups and downs. This week has mostly been downs. Maybe next week will be better.

Lady I, one day at a time.... (sometimes I feel like I'm in "Groundhog day!"

PS I finally got my radio installed in my truck!! No more listening to the same line going over and over and over in my head!
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