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So I keep seeing articles on these two programs that seem way too good to be true.

Two questions came up on this:

1) Do people think we have a good shot at this being pushed through? (I'm thinking that since it's an election year that Bush has every incentive to get this through)

2) How likely is it that these will get pushed through without income restrictions?

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My thoughts are that it will pass through in some form as long as the economy improves and the Iraq war winds down. Basically giving Bush political capital.

Both the RSA and LSA are excellent ways to encourage savings for responsible people. Don't listen to people who bill it as a program for the rich. The same financially challenged people said the same thing about IRA's and 401ks way back in the late 70's and 80's. Current proposals that I have heard bounced around will most likely be income limited anyway but the naysayers will keep up the rhetoric.

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