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Well I enjoyed the book very much. I must admit I find the Rule Breaker part very interesting as it requires a lot of good judgement about a company's future. It is very intellectually stimulating. This part of the book is definitley for the "risk-taker" type of investor.

However I found the Rule Maker section very interesting. It is simple to read and the financial ratios one is supposed to check every quarter are easy to calculate and fun too. So I calculated that if I have let's say 10 to 12 stocks in my portfolio it would take me between 6 to 10 hours calculating the ratios and reading the quarterly reports. So that makes about 24 to 40 hours of annual personal finance easy work . That simple task shall make me know if I am on the right track and especially as the objective is to beat the market ( like the S&P500) in the long run (5 years and more).

Sorry Tom and David Gardner I did not buy your book. I spent about 3 days in the past week at my bookstore reading your book. So I got free advice. I am thus a free rider. Of course I am an unknown multiple of 20$ times richer now and in the future it shall keep growing if I use my imagination, creativity and do my homework properly adn diligently.
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Thanks for the kind words...and congratulations on living below your means! We strongly support free reading in the aisles of bookstores or down at the local public library. (If you've read our book "You Have More Than You Think", then you also know we support borrowing your friends book and selling them.)

Foolish best wishes as you embark on the adventure of investing for a lifetime.

Tom Gardner
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