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Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Case No. 99-36190.
District Court No. C98-1198Z.
The ruling against Leclezio in favor of First American should be widely published, cited and broadly disseminated. It constitutes an absolute and complete victory for First American. It creates such an unprecedented precedent that all future cases of alleged fraud, trampling over recorded documents, tortious interference with a partners recorded expectations, tampering with documents, intimidation of witnesses and perjury should rely heavily on it. The findings and the ruling of the trial court as affirmed by the Ninth Circuit court of appeals set a new standard in the American judicial system. The benefits of this novel standard should be extended to all professional and private elements of American society.
The generous provisions of R.C.W. 48-29-010 should not be restricted to the title industry only. Otherwise such a restriction would open itself for challenge as being discriminatory. All classes of profession and individuals should now be permitted “ad lib.” to bill and collect money for services rendered and information provided without incurring any liability whatsoever. Extending the benefits of R.C.W. 48-29-010 to all elements of American society rather than simply to a First American would serve to eliminate all need for lawyers and judges. Thus the courts should further rule as a preemptive measure that a proposed class action claiming refunds from title companies for issuing worthless “no liability” commitments will not be tolerated.
Broad publication of the findings and the affirmation of the ruling in the Leclezio et ux. V. First American would serve to make the victory of the prince of darkness and of the underworld as reflected in this case more encompassing and complete.
Because both the trial and the appeals court found that the recorded rights and expectations of an individual who could not be more plainly in sight can be ignored and deliberately dismissed, we repeat that in our opinion, the ruling deserves to be widely cited and published. It should serve as a precedent to rid society of the concept of duty, and liability for deliberate negligence. To limit the benefits of such a ruling to a single criminal in a single case would be very un-American and overly discriminatory and restrictive.
What is good for one should be good for all. The courts should not pull the blinds on this landmark case and the courts very unique decision. The case should be exposed thoroughly in legal publications and through the Associated Press.
Leclezio, let this be a final lesson for you. In the courts you find no spirit, no truth, no justice. You find the law. You discover the law of the powerful in this world. You get face to face with the law and power of the prince of this world. Why do you think you were denied the opportunity of a jury trial? There, the common folk would have undoubtedly found and ruled in your favor. The common folk would have understood the agony and tragedy of waking up some day to find their major asset encumbered for an unlimited amount without their knowledge or authority. The common folk would have been incensed at the idea of a big bully such as First American refusing to remove their cloud so they could exercise absolute control over the main asset of someone else without authority. Oh well! It is too bad for you that you were denied the opportunity for the public to hear your case. However you should understand that such a volatile and scandalous case for First American could not possibly be allowed so much public exposure. The repercussions would have been much too disastrous. Furthermore, if the ninth circuit concluded that at the national level it could play God and dismiss life through euthanasia, the ninth circuit must certainly have found it a lot easier to dismiss your individual alien life. It must have been important for them that only one should suffer in order to best serve the interest of the many at First American. At least now you know what the outcome is when the legal brotherhood or the mafia or the free masons come and stick together. Stay away or get licked.
This ruling must be widely publicized. It does not only deal a great blow to Leclezio, but it has wonderful implications for the underworld.
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