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I think this is what united should do:

first, they should sell or shutdown their shuttle operation down in the west, which is has been losing it's butt to southwest airlines since the day they started it. they should see if s.w.a. might be interested in buying it or just selling the planes and assets and make a little dough off of that. second, they should convert half of their 747 fleet to freighters and start hauling freight from chicago to hong kong and singapore. freight is a proven money maker. third, they should focus all of their efforts on their chicago, washington, and denver hubs. these are the only real money makers. liquidate the 737/727 fleet no matter how new/old the planes are. use only 757/767/a319s/a320s from these hubs. these are extremely efficient, low-maintenance airplanes. fourth, cut down the 757/767 fleet by 1/4, and start turning around the planes they have after that more quickly and efficiently. fifth, launch more flights and lower fares from tokyo to honolulu and los angeles. tourists love this route and the loads are constantly full. sixth, start launching more european int'l flights from denver. seventh, give the people incentives to fly, such as discounted hotel rooms/rental cars. tout the fact that sky marshals are flying with united. eighth, buy jetblue; i know they are nothing compared to united, but they are young, but proven money maker. i change the name, i would just buy it for some positive money flow. it could be used as a connection to united's international hubs.

that's all i've got,

p.s. maybe more to come...maybe
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