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Suggest you take a look at this link on a posting I did earlier today at Morningstar on a phishing scam that found its way into my e-mail box this morning.

The e-mail looks, at first glance, like it is legit and I fear many would click on the link to the bill-paying site. But authentic as it may appear at first, it is a scam.

Watch yourselves....many are fearful today and may feel compelled to respond to fraud like this. The rule should be NEVER click on a site from an e-mail. Got to the service site on your own and find the answer to the concern raised by the e-mail that way.

Let's stay safe out there during this time of anxiety for many

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Well put, BruceM. Makes us ill, but they're out there, the bastards.

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For example, we had a very similar call twice -- in succeeding days -- purporting to be from the local hospital "checking your registration". Say what? She said they did this "every three months", whereupon I asked how come they called the day before with the same questions!? I have no idea what they hoped to gain. We would NEVER, EVER give much over the phone, and certainly no credit card numbers or SS number!

Oh -- and be careful never to say "yes" if you get a question. Apparently, scammers have been known to record that and drop it into something that they can then claim you agreed to!

And do NOT press button X "to get off our list"! You are then ON their list! LOL!

She hung up, by the way.

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