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The Schwabb "personal choice" is just another option you have within your 403b. All it does is expand your mutual fund options from however many your 403b plan offers (mine has ten) to all of the mutual funds at Schwabb (over 1000). This allows you to get into the Fools recomended Vanguard Index Fund.

Further, you can only move your employee contributions to Schwabb and none of the employer match funds even if you are 100% vested.

If you are moving a large enough amount of money the $50 seems small fee to pay for the potential to earn greater returns on your investments.
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I have a 403b and funds can be transferred to an IRA provided:

1)You no longer work for the institution


2)The institution's plan allows transfers.

Since I have worked for four different universities, none of which am I now employed, I can transfer SOME funds to a personal IRA. If you have TIAA/CREF, I can provide more details if you wish.

Good Luck,

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I no longer work at my teaching job and am on an extended leave of absence to care for an ill family member. I have not given a resignation. Do I have to quit my job completely, before I can transfer any of my (403b)funds?

I contacted the man who set me up with my TSA (403b)accounts for a number of years. He seemed hesitant to give me the names of the funds and the account numbers in full.

I am not sure how to find this information for myself: what this *agent* surely must know. He asked me for my social security number. He said many of the companies do not send him statements, but it seems to me that there is a chance that these funds would perhaps pay a *fee* to him at the time of set-up or even yearly?

In the past, I have not always watched after financial accounts as I really should have. Is there a place that I can go to see if perhaps I have left an account or two *out there* that would be possible to retrieve now? perhaps a website that does social security searches?

Just beginning this quest to find my funds, and any help would be much appreciated! ~julie
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Julie - Boo on your "helpful" agent!!! It annoys me when that happens. Pixy's right about transferring money out of your 403b account, although you can switch 403b vendors (from company A to company B), as long as you're still using the 403b vehicle. You must terminate from the job in order to transfer to an IRA or withdraw the funds. Haven't your ever received a statement? Most companies provide quarterly reports!
Call your personnel director for help? Good luck. PP

(p.s. I'm still amazed the agent "seemed hesitant" to give you info about your account!!!)
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