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ScubaSimpleton wrote: I have just read all 13 of your posts. You seem to be genuinely interested in TMF view of the world and buy in to some degree. Fine. Good. I think we all hope it works well for you and that you find wealth and comfort there.

I'm somewhat confused. Why read my previous posts? Did you think I had some agenda in commenting other than the stated? That I was, perhaps, a doppleganger come to continue this stalking? I don't mind, you understand, but it's not clear to me what motivated you to bother. Was there something so inflammatory in what I said that you felt the need to make sure I wasn't one of the Bad Guys?

I am genuinely interested in the investing approach presented by the Fool. I haven't bought into anything, however. I have my own ideas, and use many sources to expand those ideas. But I don't believe the Fool (or anything or anyone else, for that matter) has "answers". Simply perspectives that may or may not be of value to me.

I appreciate the good wishes.

You wrote: You really do not understand how sick some of the people on the off topic boards are. Don't just try to get a grasp on the highest recs, you really will not understand where the discussion is coming from. Take a look at the boards with the greatest number of posts over the course of a day or week and ask yourself, do I want these people coming to my house?

Clearly, the world is full of lunatics, here, there and everywhere. While they can occasionally be entertaining, and are often annooying, permitting them to drive you to the madhouse along with them is counterproductive. They can really only make you as crazy as you permit them to, particularly in an on-line world where you can define the limits of your interactions.

you wrote: Correlate the two and find that houses have been invaded. Also realize that because the police would rather some houses and some inhabitants did not exist, they are not answering the 911 phone. It isn't paranoia. It is a history of observing fact since before June, July or August.

I'm not denying your point of view, which may or may not be accurate. To be honest, it makes no real difference to me.

I'm simply saying that overdramatizing the whole thing, turning it into melodrama fit for weekday afternoon consumption, accomplishes nothing. It doesn't win converts, and it won't begin a groundswell of opinion.

That's not to say that people don't have a right to their opinions, but generally, expressing an opinion is intended to serve some purpose. Whatever that purpose was in the beginning is not now being served by this on-going whatever-it-is. It simply discredits the speaker and his point. People who sympathize and understand will eventually stop listening to even the most entertaining soap opera.

Even those with reason to be paranoid can beat their drums so loudly and long that it becomes nothing but background clamor instead of conveying a message.

But really, this exchange itself has gone on two posts past any usefulness it might have had. I didn't intend to engage in a debate or take a side. It just seemed to me that perhaps some of the participants had lost track of what they wanted to accomplish, or had forgotten how they might appear to the casual observer. Having put in my two cents, I believe I'll just go back to what I was doing.
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