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New item on my Fidelity Brokerage 1099. $18.23 on line 5, Section 199A Dividends. In the breakdown showing Qualified Dividends and Non-Qualified Dividends it is listed as a separate category. The source is Fidelity Puritan Fund.

I file single and have taxable income only from social security, IRA distributions, mutual fund capital gain distributions, capital gains from stock sales, dividends from stocks, and interest on various bank accounts. I found a long article at IRS on Section 199A which at first reading left me feeling (1)it did not pertain to me and (2)I didn't understand it all.

Question is where do I report the $18.23 when filing my taxes. Also, is it a qualified dividend or a non-qualified dividend when calculating my tax.

Appreciate any help you can offer.
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On the dividend form from Fidelity. The amount on Line 5 should also be on line 1a or part of line 1a. Line 1b tells you if it's qualified. Just take the info directly from the 1099-Div form from Fidelity. If you are using Tax Software just go to the section on Dividends. If you are doing this on paper go to the IRS site and get the instructions for 1099-Div. Link - -

Best of luck.
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