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[The article doesn't say what, if any, weapons were used by the drones. The drones could have been just scouts locating targets for air and artillery strikes OR the drones could have been armed (example: landing on top of a tank, where its armor is thinnest, with a downward pointed shaped charge and exploding -- or -- hovering next to troops and exploding like a hand grenade.]

Israel uses first-ever AI drone swarm in battle to hunt down and blitz Hamas terrorists with NO human input


ISRAEL used the first ever drone swarm deployed in battle to hunt down Hamas terrorists

The drones have no human input but instead link together using artificial intelligence to seek out their targets.

Arthur Holland of the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research said that “if confirmed, they are certainly a notch up in the incremental growth of autonomy and machine-to-machine collaboration in warfare".

Drones have previously been directed by a single operator who ‘fly’ the aircraft from a remote base.

But in recent years, militaries have been working on developing Artificial Intelligence that allows the drones to work together without the need for an operator.


The IDF has not confirmed any specifics of the autonomous swarm attack on Hamas targets.

As well as Israel, several countries including the UK, Russia, the United States and China have been working on drone swarms.

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In VietNam the term 'search and destroy' was changed to 'Sweep and clean'.

Just sayin...

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Technology & Terminology change; the Missions, not so much.
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