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A.M. Temperature, 97, no symptoms. So far, so good. The wine cellar is taking a real hit.

Much to be grateful for, especially selling Boeing at $420. They may actually go broke.
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My husband and I have had some digestive issues, but I'm pretty sure that's a kid's virus we caught from our grandkids. Of course, they are out of school for the rest of the year now (online schooling here).

Right now we have an RV parked in our driveway. A friend of my daughter was called up as emergency personnel (therapist), and she has a complicated issue with her apartment, so she has borrowed an RV and is using our car charging plug for electricity for now. We'll apply for a permit, but Maryland is not doing permits for anything until 30 days after the state emergency ends, so we'll just have to wing it and hope no neighbors complain (unlikely).

People here are doing what they have to do. I think Gov. Hogan is doing about as well as can be expected under the circumstances, but as a Republican he does dance around the "no insulting Trump" rule.

I'm afraid things are about to get interesting.

My next project is making a book that lists all our accounts and access information for my daughter. Not my favorite kind of thing, but I should have done it a long time ago.
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WilliB, sometime ago, I
checked with the state of Alaska and amazingly the will I made out at 35 never got filed. I had sort of let things slide because the only thing that has changed for me is my address and my gaining an IRA. Kendra is my beneficiary on every thing so I ....
I am going to set down at my computer and do a make your own will. I am also going to get my stuff out of the safety deposit box as soon as things open up.
I am going to put a letter to her in my jewelry box, just in case.

After cleaning out my parents house a few years ago, I swore I would not leave such a horrible mess for my daughter.

State of Washington closed its campgrounds. You are great for letting your daughter’s friend stay.
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