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On Mar 6, TMF published a pitch for buying ARLP.

The technicals were poor, but the financial ratios weren’t worrisome, and the div was fat. So I put on a position and found myself in ITM by day’s end, even though the market closed down. Ditto the next day. ARLP gained; the broad market lost. Ditto Friday. ARLP gained; the broad market lost.

For a 3-day holding-period, I’ve made an unsustainable 246 bps, whereas a reasonable gain per market-day would be 6 bps. Do I cash in at Monday’s market open to capture that excessive gain, or continue to hold?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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No. of Recommendations: 0 momentum is on your side for about another 20 cents.

Quill -
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As projected, ARLP is still climbing today so far since 1/28/18. Charts don't lie, people do.

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You're the far better trader than me. You saw another $0.31 was possible, and that is what is happening with ARLP.

Me? I pulled the position, because I didn't want to lose the gains I had made, and because I hadn't put on the position correctly. The proper entry date was Feb 27, whereas I got in Mar 6. That's inexcusably late. I knew better. But I hadn't done the technical work I should have, because I was so sure I could front-run the fools who would read the article and then pile in on the stock.

That proved to be true. But it's not the sort of investing/trading I want to do. So I took a fat profit (~350% annualized) and got out.

One happy result from the experiment is that it gave me a chance to see what sort of broker Schwab is. I got in on a limit order, out on a market order, and received price improvement both times. Given that I can trade with them commish-free, I'll start running more orders there when my intended holding-period is long-term (i.e., anything more than 2 minutes).

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