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Been combing assorted boards deciding on which to place this question. Decided here was best as thinking about buy/sell after you are retired has been a much different experience from buy/sell when I was younger.

My long term stock buy/sell plan has been to move all my stock holdings into Vanguard mutual before turning 70 and/or moving into a retirement community. We now stand at that edge. I have been selling off segments of all my holdings in a somewhat regular way over several years - up to the crash when I decided to just sit tight. The wait paid off.

However, I have let myself be a tad bullied by recent TMF promotions about the end of TV. (I am sure all you fellow fools got these.) I still hold 400+ shares of Verizon and less than 100 of Comcast. I was going to sell half of all my stocks before we move (could be a year) in pieces as I have done, but now I am thinking of just holding the rest and selling all the VZ now.

I say, "I'll sell at $50." Once I loved managing my pad of 10 companies, but I am getting older and think I should think about turning the portfolio over. As a newly old lady, I find it hard to think about such modern trends as smartphones and no TV. Is it time to get out?

What think some of you? By the way, while we don't "need" the money I really don't want to lose it either. No TV. . . Hard to imagine.
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I am curious. I am somewhat older than you and still have plenty invested in equities that produce dividends and some old bonds. Where would you put your money after selling off your stocks? Would you use it all to pay for a retirement community?

As to your other question, the end of TV. Not in my house. Some folks may want to watch all their programs on their computers or iPads....I kind of enjoy my bigger HD flatscreen. If you think Verizon and Comcast are going to have bad earnings, or may drop their dividends, by all means, you might want to sell. Hopefully you have some idea where you will put the money. In a Vanguard mutual? Do you believe that move would be safer? Does the mutual fund you are looking at own any Verizon, Comcast, TW?

Like I said, just curious. BTW, the retirement community in my area is full of 80+ yr olds. I am only 77, much to young for them.

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Interesting about when to enter. The one thing I have learned from my years in medicine is that most folks who go into a community seem to agree they wish they had gone in sooner. The trouble is you have to go in when you are able, both physically and financially. That would be now. DH recently went through a group of orthopedic surgeries where we learned we really have no one to help us (or, we don't want to ask - you get it).

Back to investing/selling. No, we are lucky not to need to money to enter the "village". I would look to some Wellesly/Wellington kind of investment. Something balanced, but with more active management (sorry, Mr. Buffett). I am just ready to let some of this money manage work go.

I always considered my stock/bond portfolio to be sort of a hobby and I enjoyed it. More and more it feels like work. And, I am beginning to find myself a tad anxious about making the moves. I always said "Foolish confidence" was my nature, do the homework make the best move you can and learn from your errors.

Perhaps time to let go.
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I'ts always risky to hold just ONE stock. YOu never know what will happen.

I'd have kept the Vanguard funds (you can buy half bonds/half stock).....and not own individual stocks if you are uncomfy.

Zero equities at 70? Heck, you have a good chance to live to 90 and if you don't own equities, you lose out on nearly all inflation protection.

with Obama running up debt from 16 trillion to over 20 trillion, the only way out for the government is high inflation down the road.

YOu'll get creamed if you are in CDs or cash.

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