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Pretty new to this art form and may have bit off more than I can chew by trying to make a polo shirt, but I'm giving it my all. I'm almost done with cutting all the pieces and am just about ready to start sewing but there are a few things I'm unclear about.
1. When the directions tell me to press seams toward front or back, what, exactly does this mean?
2. How vital are the grainline instructions? I can't even see a grainline on the fabric I'm using.
3. Pretty much the same thing regarding the nap.
Any and all help with these questions will be much appreciated. I hope I don't bore you too much with these and any other problems I might have in the future.
Thanks in advance.
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My memory is as follows:

1. Press both pieces of the seam allowances towards the center of the front or back of the garment. (Do not open the seam allowances and press them flat on each side of the seam.)

2. Generally, grain lines are very important. Without a true grain line, your finished garment could pucker after washing or cleaning. I recommend looking at some videos on youtube (if you can stand the ads) as there are many helpful videos on just about any aspect of sewing that are free to view.

3. Many fabrics do not have a nap. Very generically, the fabric Velvet is perhaps the classic example of a fabric with nap -- it looks very different when looked at "up or down." If you brush your hand over the fabric and it looks different depending on the direction you brush, the fabric has a nap.

Good luck with your sewing adventures.

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