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Since the invasion of Afghanistan, 2,0000 American soldiers have died in Operation Enduring Freedom, the military's official name for the 'War on Terror.'
Most of the fatalities, 1,884, have come from action in Afghanistan. Troops have also been killed in Pakistan. Others have died in Uzbekistan, Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines, Seychelles, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey and Yemen.
Most of the latter fatalities were the result of accidents that occurred while service members were conducting counter-terrorism missions and advising local governments.

About 1,600 of the deaths during Operation Enduring Freedom were combat related, with the Army bearing the highest toll, more than 1,300.

More than 16,000 more troops have been wounded, many of them severely, and returned home with crippling physical injuries.

Across the NATO coalition, more than 3,000 soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan. The British have lost 418 service members -- more than any other country except the United States

3,000 grieving families whose sons and daughters died - as we are supposed to believe - in the noble cause of fighting terrorism.

Methinks they speak with forked tongue!

The men McCain was defending were Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) militants, terrorists linked directly with Al Qaeda according to West Point reports (.pdf), and listed to this day by the US State Department, the UK Home Office (.pdf), and the UN as a “foreign terrorist organization.” McCain was not only rhetorically supporting listed terrorists, but calling for material support including weapons, funds, training, and air support in direct violation of USC § 2339A & 2339B, “providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations.”

These same terrorists are now not only the defacto rulers of much of Libya, but are leading death squads in Syria and arming militants in Mali, an exponential expansion made possible by a non-partisan effort including Republicans and Democrats, as well as Bush-era Neo-Conservatives who concurrently lead both anti-Islam propaganda while leading calls to arm the most radical sectarian extremist groups, including groups directly affiliated with Al Qaeda.

Syria is Next

Not only has US policy been exposed as not “promoting democracy” but purposefully spreading destabilization, violence, and terrorism, but the exact same militants behind the death of the US’ own ambassador are literally leading US efforts to visit the same violence, destabilization, and chaos upon Syria.

McCain has been through some tough times in his life, they appear to have finally caught up with him and are now affecting his mental health.

This means that the United States, the UK, NATO, and the Gulf State despots of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are knowingly and willfully funding, arming, and politically backing designated affiliates of Al Qaeda contrary not only to US and British anti-terror legislation, but contrary to numerous UN resolutions as well. Western and Gulf State support of the FSA constitutes state sponsorship of terrorism.

MEK by any description is a terrorist group, of course, spread enough money around to what amounts basically to be corrupt senators and voilà, that group becomes a well meaning bunch of angel apprentices.

I didn't make it up:
The Iranian dissidents have plotted for years to be removed from the terror list. They enlisted numerous Republican and Democratic officials to lobby on its behalf. Instead of paying lobbying fees to them, it offered honorary ranging from $10,000-$50,000 per speech to excoriate the US government for its allegedly shabby treatment of the MEK.

Among those who joined the group's gravy train are former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, Rudy Giuliani, Alan Dershowitz, and former FBI director Louis Freeh. Many of them profess to have little interest in the money they have collected. Instead, they claim they are sincerely moved by the group's suffering in Iraq and wish to correct an injustice. I'm sure the money doesn't hurt.

Analysts writing about the MEK and alienated members reject the group's claim that it has renounced terror. Seymour Hersh recently published an expose reporting that as late as 2007, US special forces had offered Iranians training at a secret Nevada facility in covert operations. It provided them arms and communications equipment and black ops training for their anti-regime terror activities inside Iran.

A confidential Israeli source who is a former senior minister and IDF officer reported to me that the Mossad has used the MEK over many years, both to leak purported Iranian government documents of questionable provenance and engage in acts of sabotage against key figures in the Iranian regime. My source and other journalists have reported the MEK assassinated four nuclear scientists and caused an explosion that obliterated an Iranian Revolutionary Guard missile base.

Another sop to Israel from America.

More importantly, those 3,000 young lives lost, along with all those grieving for them are being betrayed for a few dollars by the very people that sent them to their graves.

In our British parliament, members address each other as 'my honourable friend', they are so far up their own backsides - in some cases each others - they don't see the hypocrisy of the statement.

One lone voice in America deserves that title:

New resolution against Iran a pretext to war: U.S. senator Political Desk

TEHRAN – U.S. Congressman Ron Paul has described a new Senate resolution against Iran for its nuclear program as “a pretext” to wage a military action against the Islamic Republic, Press TV reported on Saturday.

The resolution repeated U.S. allegations that Iran’s nuclear program may have military dimensions, saying that Washington should “do everything possible” to prevent that possibility.

Paul was the only U.S. senator who spoke out against the resolution and cast a “no” vote against the motion.

Money talks, principles shout, alas the deaf don't hear.


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