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The amount of debt that I have acquired over the years is my debt and my responsibility, but I have gotten myself into a lot of trouble. I had a failed business that cost me almost everything. And I was unemployed for 6 months. I have a full time job that pays 28k before taxes and a second part time job delivering pizza’s that pays $12k a year. I owe about $44k in credit card debt and 6k in student loans that have to be paid back.

18k CC @ 6.99%
20K CC @ 0.0% in two months it will be 12.9%
6k CC @ 3.99%
12k student loans @ 4.9

I’ve stop using my credit cards and every extra dollar I have goes to paying them off. I’ve cut the cable, cell phone, grocery, car insurance bills down as low as I can go to free up extra money to pay them down.

But I feel like I’m not making much of a difference in them. I own a house and my car is paid off. The thing is I’ve been paying everyone on time every time. I just don’t know if I can keep it all up. Should I be looking at bankruptcy? Let me tell you if I didn’t have the credit cards to pay back I would NEVER NEVER, allow these to happen again. My biggest fear is not being able to pay everything each month.

Any Advice would be great.

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