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I have a ira roth in a bank for one year. Iam wandering if I should move it to another type of account. See I do not it . If tne bank is giving me 4.50% do they go 4.50% on 2000 for a year and start over next . Or do they compoand what they had last with this year? I want to move it to a account in e-trade. I thank that I could do much better with a index fund But I know I'll have to pay a penalty but want it be worth it in the long run. Please help

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Hi D14c,
Yes, MOVE IT. What are you waiting for?!!!
There is NO PANELTY if you do it the right way.
First open BROKERAGE account with one of following:
Schwab - or
Fidelity - or
Datek - or
E*Trade - or
TD Waterhouse -
and there are many more. YOU have to find one that
that YOU will like for whatever reason.

You can do it on line or you can call their 1-800
numbers that you will find online.

REMEMBER to tell them that you would like to TRANSFER
your ROTH IRA from whatever place. They will do it for
you free of charge as far as I know.

BROCKERAGE account will give you access to thousands
of mutual funds - and remember you want the good, performing NO LOAD funds with low expense ratios.
You can buy Index funds if that's your cup o' tea.
You can buy stocks if you know what you doing.

Be what is called "aggressive" if you have 10 or
more years to retirement.

Hope that was of some help but remember DO YOUR

Regards, xnocturnal

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