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Referring to the SHTF scale, soon to celebrate its 10th anniversary:

SHTF 4: Increased preparedness. Real possibility of SHTF in the near future (say 2-3 weeks). Active stockpiling of consumables (water, food, medicine). Increased preparations, such as one last trip to the firing range. Sporadic shortages of staples. Elevated crime, requiring active precautions (e.g. travel in pairs, be home by nightfall, etc.).

We've been at SHTF-3 for a while now with COVID. After this weekend I feel comfortable bumping that to SHTF-4.

• We are still masking and minding crowds in public.
• But we have been eating in restaurants again. This is a significant change.
• Everyone residing at the Fire House has been vaccinated now. DS, 15, was the outlier.
• We're still dealing with sporadic shortages, though.

We've stood down from surviving the pandemic to improving preparations for the next disaster. So we're not SHTF-3 anymore. SHTF-4 then.


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Similar here. With some additional caution because the mental health of the youngest member of our household (18) has been significantly affected. She already had OCD, social anxiety, and germ phobia. A pandemic... didn't help. But she is coming out of it, which I am delighted to see. Small steps, but they're there.

ThyPeace, not preparing for the next one yet.
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