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Thanks for the reply Bill and here are the "funds" they offer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again I would like to go aggresive as possible.
1)Metropolitan Series Fund

Lehman Brothers Aggregate Bond Index Portfolio
Solomon Brothers Strategic Bond Opportunities Portfolio
Solomon Brothers U.S. Government Portfolio
State Street Research Bond Income Portfolio
Balanced Portfolio
Alger Equity Growth Portfolio
Davis Venture Value Portfolio
Fl Structured Equity Portfolio
Harris Oakmark Large Cap Value Portfolio
Metlife Stock Index Portfolio
MFS Investors Trust Portfolio
MFS Research Managers Portfolio
Met/Putnam Voyager Portfolio
State Street Research Investment Trust Portfolio
State Street Research Large Cap Value Portfolio
Fl Mid Cap Opportunities Portfolio
Harris Oakmark Focused Value Portfolio
Janus Midcap Portfolio
Metlife Mid Cap Stock Index Portfolio
Neubuerger Berman Partners Mid Cap Value Portfolio
Franklin Templeton Small Cap Growth Portfolio
Loomis Sayles Small Cap Portfolio
Russell 2000 Index Portfolio
State Street Research Aurora Portfolio
Morgan Stanley EAFE Index Portfolio
Putnam International Stock Portfolio

2) Met Investors Series Trust

Lord Abbett Bond Debenture Portfolio
PIMCO Total Return Portfolio
Janus Aggressive Growth Portfolio
Met/AIM Mid Cap Core Equity Portfolio
T. Rowe Price Mid Cap Growth Portfolio
Met/AIM Small Cap Growth Portfolio
PIMCO Innovation Portfolio
Harris Oakmark International Portfolio
MFS Research International Portfolio

3) American Funds Insurance Series

American Funds Growth Fund
American Funds Growth-Income Fund
American Funds Global Small Capitalization Fund

I was also wondering if I could still contribute $3000 into my Roth
In my Roth Currently I own American Funds Growth and Income Fund and Peritt Micro Cap Fund. I also Have a taxable Scottrade account as well where I own a few individual stocks and Vanguard S&P 500 fund. Thanks for all your help.
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If your goal is to be as agressive as possible and still maintain diversification, you could look at doing one of the following.

Follow an index strategy with the following

15% Lehman Aggregate Bond Index
35% Met Life Stock Index (Assuming this tracks the S&P 500)
30% Russell 2000 Index
20% Morgan Stanley EAFE Index (This is International Stocks)

For an actively managed portfolio

Salomon US Gvoernemnt Bond 15%
Davis Venture Value 20%
American Funds Growth Fund 20%
Aim Mid Cap Core 10%
franklin templeton Small Cap 15%
Oakmark international 20%

Without much knowledge about your risk tolerance and your definition of agressive keep in mind this is just a very rough suggestion that provides exposure to different asset
classes and should help smooth out the bumps in most market conditions.
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Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I will look into some of the others as well but this will give me a good base.
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