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Hello everyone,

I am starting as the ticker guide for SIRI. I look forward to learning more about this company and sharing that with you here. Please share any questions or relevant information you may have about SIRI here.

SIRI Q4 2020

With constant pressure from competing sources of media SIRI must continue to penetrate new markets and mediums as they extend their reach to engage more customers. SIRI is finding an increased pricing opportunity when acquiring customers outside of the car. Car has always been the main drive for SIRI however as the work-from-home movement has continued there are less commuters listening in their cars and more at home. In addition, the trend in podcasting is only increasing and SIRI has been spending the capital to ensure they are grabbing ears. Recently re-signing Howard Stern, expanding their deal with Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud, and acquiring Sticher, a premiere podcasting platform with the largest share of US podcasting audience. These exclusive programs and personalities will drive subscription growth in addition to their continued efforts to expand their in-house programs and radio/music channel offerings.

SIRI ended 2020 with an additional 909,000 net self pay subscriptions and an expectation of an additional 800,000 in 2021. I believe this move in subscriptions may pose an example of the loss in market share from competitors. SIRI pointed to their 2020 numbers being higher than expected as car sales were poor for the year yet they are forecasting lower subscription adds in 2021 despite an expected increase in car sales. This will be a key metric that must continue to expand when the capital is being spent to acquire content.

SIRI is available in approximately 80% of new cars sold today and must continue to strengthen their relationship with the original equipment manufacturers(OEM) as continued competition comes from Apple Carplay and Android Auto. SIRI will utilize this relationship as they work to expand their own 360L platform within new SiriusXM-equipped vehicles.

As SIRI continues to strengthen their position in the content wars between IHeart, Spotify, Apple, etc. they will also be fighting a battle to ensure their platform reaches new car buyers in the future through their 360L platform.

I look forward to continue learning more about SIRI and hope to hear any thoughts.

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Welcome, looking forward to your insight on SIRI a long-term holding of mine.

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