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I've been generally disappointed with commercials for satellite radio, however, I've been seeing spots for certain Chrysler vehicles that cross-promote the in-dash Sirius receivers. Here's a little article on that:

These spots primarily target potential consumers of the Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Nitro, and the Chrysler Aspen, but they work equally well as standalone advertisements for the Sirius service.

These spots aren't exactly revolutionary in their production, but I think Sirius and Chrysler might be on to something here. They are not nearly as abstract as XM's latest campaign. They avoid pitfalls that have plagued some of Sirus' earlier advertising campaigns such as calling attention to the tin-foil hat crowd (remember the "it's like they're watching us with their satellites" spots?) or focusing a little too much on the Howard Stern crowd (a necessary evil, granted, given the need to promote him prior to roll-out).

IMO, where they succeed the most is showing Sirius as a comfortable, integrated part of the in-vehicle experience. Everyone in the spots is having fun, driving their cars, and doing typical people stuff; the Sirius receiver and the cars are almost transparent elements in the message, yet at the same time they are the message. I'm not a marketing exec so I can't describe my thoughts any better than that - but I think these latest ads are "spot on".

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I like the ads, too. Well produced, feature the Sirius radio as part of the bigger ad, without focusing on it as a reason to buy a particular vehicle, just one little added incentive to do so.
The phrase "commercial-free_ seems a bit more noticeable to me than earlier ads I've seen, too, and that strikes me as an important point to underscore if you're trying to sell satellite over commercial radio.
Though I think satrad as a concept is becoming more familiar to consumers, I'm not sure the advertising has done a very good job on stressing the advantages - the commercial free music, easy access to specialized musical genres, the variety and access to the multitude of talk channels......
Or maybe that's just me. But I've been a Sirius subscriber for 3 years now, and those are some of the reasons I'd never just have commercial radio in my vehicles again.
Be well, all.

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I completely agree that the satrad companies have done a poor job marketing their product.

I just gave the gift of Sirius to my brother for his birthday and he was shocked with the quality of the music. He has eclectic tastes in Jazz, Rock, as well as talk radio and he had no idea how deep and varying the choices were.

One interesting tidbit for the "iPod's and the like will kill satrad" crowd, is that people get bored of the static content in their collection and many folks want to hear something new - perhaps to figure out what to add to their collection. This is certainly the case with myself and my brother...

Anyhow, with the prices of equipment so cheap I think that XM and SIRI will do well this holiday season - heck, I suppose I can be counted as three subscribers (My brother, sister, and myself via enhanced online for an extra 3$/mo).

Long live XM and SIRI and may they better market in the future.

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I noticed these ads over the weekend myself, just after my post about the lack of TV ads from SIRI.


They are clever. I hope SIRI and Chrysler will run them long enough to make some impact.

-- OneT
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