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What does the equation 16 over 10 to the sixth power have to do with global warming?

With all due respect, if you don’t know the answer to that question, you don’t know the first thing (literally) about the man-made CO2 emissions theory of global warming and, accordingly, you couldn’t possibly have an informed opinion on the subject.

If you do know the answer, then you also know that it’s the only thing you really need to know about the great global warming scam.

Someone should print up a T-shirt with 16 over 10 to the sixth on the front and back and pass them out at eco-sheep rallies. Why? Once people know that number, they may continue to parrot from the Al Gore script but their hearts are no longer in it. Why? Because 16 parts per million is the total amount of man-made CO2  in the atmosphere.

What?!?!? Only 16 parts per million?!?!? That's it?!?!?

Once you get that number into the discussion, the “consensus of leading scientist say” argument is pretty much done, as is the credibility of the so-called academic community.

Now we could go into the fact that, when we were seeing some warming, surface temperature readings were increasing faster than their correspondent troposheric readings in direct contradiction to the man-made carbon emissions theory of global warming.

And we need to use the past tense because, as we could also note, since 1998 global mean temperatures have actually declined to the point where all of the supposed warming of the 20th century has been completely nullified.

We could point out that global temperatures also declined during the first four decades of the post-World War II industrial expansion and that three-fourths of the global warming measured in the 20th century occurred during the relatively low carbon emissions era of 1900 to 1940.

We could mention the fact that changes in solar activity not only correlate perfectly with observed climate changes on Earth but on the other planets of our solar system as well. Yes, Mars is indeed warming at an even faster rate than Earth and Virgin Atlantic has yet to land a single flight there.

We could comment on the fact that the ice core sample data presented by Al Gore in his propaganda piece actually show that CO2 content increased subsequent to (and not as a precursor of) the noted increases in temperature. Post hoc ergo propter hoc issues notwithstanding, you could correctly observe that Dr. Gore has his theoretical cause confused with his hypothetical effect.

We could even point out that the total amount of CO2 the atmosphere is only 0.054 percent (540 parts per million) of which over 97 percent is attributable to natural sources.

But most of these arguments are too complex for the average eco-zealot to understand.

So just lay up that 16 parts per million number and let it sink in.

Need something to help you put 16 parts per million into some sort of context?

The average chicken dinner contains between 33 and 43 parts per million of arsenic. That’s more than twice as much poison in your KFC as man-made CO2 in the atmosphere.

The Al Gore theory of global warming is a scam to promote nuclear power, expand the scope of government, increase academic welfare, tax every bit of energy productive people use, derail third world development and create unearned fortunes via a government-mandated carbon credits market… all based on the bizarre notion that reducing man-made CO2 content from 16 parts per million down to say 12 parts per million is going to counteract the power of the sun.

Yes, P.T., there really is a sucker born every minute.

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