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I visited the Southhaven MS outlet mall recently.

Visit was early on a Saturday morning, so not much activity. No children in the play area at 9:30AM.

Walked the entire mall. There were 5 open small spots, 1 going out of business sale and one large open anchor spot. I tried to find out what had vacated the anchor spot, but couldn't.

Facility was very clean, as were the restrooms.

Starbucks had recently opened a location on an 'outlot'. There was lots of land available for more development.

Not really anything in the mall to attract traffic besides the stores. Only food location was a small pizza place. A couple of sugar based business including a krispy crème.

Merchandise is dominated by goods designed for women, no surprise there. There is nothing there to attract men to join their SO's to the mall.

I made a purchase. The clerk was friendly, but was not going to be there long as she was graduating from nursing school in a few weeks. She was the only employee in the store. I left my drink on the counter when I left the store. Upon return was a sign that she'd be back in 10 minutes and the store was locked. OK, this was early, but open for business means open for business.

Area near the mall was heavily retailed with enough empty space to be concerned long term.

Shoppers were dominated by women, I only saw a couple of other men.

JMVHO, but the future is very uncertain. Having businesses that would attract men to the mall wouldn't hurt. Summer will be very hot, an indoor children's play area would attract traffic in the summer and winter. A sports bar type restaurant would allow men to watch something while the women shop (OK, that comment probably eliminates me from running for public office, but it is what would happen in most cases of couples I know).

Bottom line:
Does this visit cause me to buy more or sell SKT?

I'll hold for now as I think continued struggles are priced in the stock.


Long SKT, short PUTs.
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Thanks John!

What SKT puts are you short?

BL and MFPP Home Fool
(hope you enjoyed the Masters)
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Thanks, John, for sharing your thoughts and work product.

While I have been attracted to SKT's yield and management's competency, I have elected to stay away from this REIT as an investment. Malls and outlet malls are just too scary for me.

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