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So many shiny objects I am looking at.
So many.

I joined Beth Kindig's service recently, in anticipation of this Rotation continuing.
Wanted to see another viewpoint on convictions and hopefully find a new name or two.
Definitely worth it so far.

Anyway, if I list all the things I did, I think it will be unfair to her service, as some of those buys were based on alerts. So maybe I share it in a week or two.

I almost bought TTD. I literally hovered on the buy button. Couldn't do it in the $600s.
I bought some more of my existing holdings that were beaten down.

I will say I bought a mix of EVs, china ADRs (I know, I know...), ad-tech, fintech, and semi.
Also saw a twitter post on ONDS which was a Nasdaq uplist vs SPAC and so perhaps a bit more under is involved with edge communications and in good trends. an appropriately tiny allocation. That one wasn't from Beths site.

Thought about: EXPI, ZM, and even pondered SNOW. But EXPI has run so hard, and ZM and SNOW still have plenty of room to give.

I am taking a hit to my YTD stellar numbers by deploying at likely not-bottoms, but ok with averaging down.

Cash is something like 22% now...hard to track.
And my rock-solid SPG and SPGS-U both serve as "better than cash" options if the market truly truly loses their mind and I want to take some more SPG off table in opportunistic manner. I am not there yet. But that is another 58-60% of my port, although much in taxable so probably not touching that.
Let's say with Cash and non-taxable SPG, I may have 40% to play with, if needed?


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So many shiny objects I am looking at.
So many.

I was way more on the sell side in the early morning hours at the close. Just about everything was on the trimming table. But I did add to PINS, ROKU and SE. A few percentages that I am pondering:

I am noticeable bear territory, down 16.3% from ATH. I basically am not looking at YTD. Rather, I look at +94% TTM or +93% trailing 15 months so as not to cherry pick the COVID low. Ya gotta find comfort where comfort is. I have 53% cash now. Oh, and I have some laddered treasuries in a dusty corner which, if the market continues this trajectory for a while longer would provide for my 2021 RMD.

Well, o.k., I peeked, down 3% YTD.

I guess this is my exit strategy. DW's IRA is playing MF buy-and-hold as she has no withdrawal needs for 3+ years.

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I haven't sold anything buy buy.

Now - I may sell a recent purchase after a quick gain, to fold into higher conviction.

But - not sure we are done yet for day...are indexes making one more go at it? Nas back to -2.4% as I type. Can it get back to -3% or more? If so, I buy more.

Whenever I feel "done" I will probably buy SPG back with whatever cash is left, if SPG under $110 or lower.

Dreamer <--- excited!
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Hey Dreamer,

Have you ever paid for CML Pro / Ophir's service? I have that one but not Beth's, just looking for a comparison if you can offer one. Thanks.

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I did do Ophir's service prior to going all in on SPG...have to double-check the dates, but guessing this was early Summer.

The service was probably fine, but really was no new names for me (at that time) and I saw the valuations of all the growth/momentum stocks as out of control, so I opted out and moved into SPG mode.

At that point, I turned off my twitter feed (really just a news feed for me) of Ophir, Puru Saxena, Beth, etc... as I just didn't want to hear people justifying something I didn't think could be justified.

This worked out quite well, and maybe it was luck or maybe it was foresight, but the SPG thing has worked out well (so far).

Flash forward to mid-Feb, and SPG is running hot, some of the mini-corrections start hitting growth, and I think of it as a precursor to finally maybe getting a good correction.

So while I had followed Beth a bit, I hadn't subscribed yet, so wanted to give that a try.
In tandem, I turned back on my "growth stocks champions" feed, and started trying to map out a wishlist, if:
1. SPG stayed steady/up
2. 2020's greatest growth/momentum hits continued down

Right now, I would have to say I like Beth's service more, although her TA guy (Knox) is included in the membership, whereas Ophir has a side service I didn't previously buy, that calls out targets/trade ideas, which may be comparable, but not sure.

In this moment in time, if you have some cash to deploy in your port, and want to take advantage of the recent slide in prices, I don't see it as a bad thing to try both services out for a month, and rather than mimicking everything they both do, choose the things that resonate with you and combine it with your own DD, with TMF stuff, and hopefully out of that giant smushy ball of ideas you have a winning port to ride the next eventual wave up in the market.

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Thanks. I missed your SPG move, looks solid in the rear view.

Ophir's new for me, a couple months. Bert is a couple years, but not likely to be renewed. There are of course others. I'll give Beth a try, her free stuff is solid enough. I dabbled in TA for awhile and it may be time to bring that back to the tool kit.

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I've used MF Options, MF Pro and SA through the years. I remain a SA subscriber.

I recently joined Beth.Technology too. I like it because I believe in the 5-10 year "thesis" of tech growth, and the reports have good macro, long term perspectives with more specific, focused, and in-depth discussion of actual equity targets which is complimentary to what I read on Saul's board (which is still obviously super, if not MORE valuable, but it is more an idea for doing my own homework where as Beth's stuff is more like an analyst report for my direct consumption and digestion).

The technical analysis from Knox is valuable - both as tutorial when I view his explanations and charts on the webinars as well as useful for me to see how a professional moves in and out of positions within the larger thesis. Some of it is pure technical analysis that I'm less knowledgeable or in-tune with, and some of it is the philosophy of building a position on strength, and knowing when to re-allocate (not always strictly technical, sometimes philosophical).

Assimilating investing knowledge is like a fire hydrant: there's almost more to drink. If one has the resources, I think Beth.Tech is complimentary rather than competitor to the Fool.

My .02 (or more like .014 after the last couple days)
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LOL thanks for the color on TTD. I'm with you there. Loved the company, sold out for valuation with nice pct gain but $500 ago. Just can't do it today. Over last 18 months sold a bunch of winners by chance subscribing to a thread of the Saul philosophy about being ruthless, keeping it to 10-12 stocks or less. Should have held TTD, SHOP, and others. Would have been shopping for a house in a new zipcode. C'est la vie.
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