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No. of Recommendations: 0 is still a ded board? Also cannot find a premium board, so I assume it didn't make it into any service yet. SA had it as a Sell a while back, so that is interesting.

Anyone pick this up for dividend and cannabis growth play? I have.
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No. of Recommendations: 0
Well, I'm in "for a penny" today. After stock fell 42% in 2018, and just a bit of that loss recovered so far this year, I believe that it has more upside potential than downward risk at this point.

You've also got to figure that dividend buyers are somewhat intrigued by its current yield, and history of name brands and controlled growth. Of course the exposure to hydroponic gardening and cannabis are interesting potential growth drivers.

Finally, I've noticed a significant recent uptick in positive reports by analysts such as this one from TMF:
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