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Yesterday I received a call from Discover card that someone used my social security number and applied for a discover card. I told them it was a fraud application I didn't apply for their card.

I alerted Sunwest and Chase of what happened.

I did a 3 credit report and did check all three credit bureaus of and found only the credit check from Discover was on there.

In two weeks I'm headed to social security and see check if thats been messed with.

MY fico score now is 750.

I alert my cpa he says yesterday was the first day anyone could file taxes and that he know 24hrs after I file If some filed under my ss and filing status.

In two weeks I need to head to sunwest and borrow $1000 to get a denture for the bottom teeth as well. I have $1500 in my HSA but the total is $2546.
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If you freeze your credit, this can't happen. The identity thief would not be able to open any accounts with your social security number.

Who notes this doesn't prevent them from trying to file taxes as you to steal a refund, though...
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The IRS has procedures for people who have been identity theft victims. I don't know how effective they are, and apparently they aren't proactive. My knowledge is pretty much limited to what I have to do as VITA volunteer when a client has got into the system for identity theft protection. If the client doesn't have the IRS-issued identity theft protection PIN, we can't file their taxes.

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