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seemed like good results.
market punishing AH, so I bought a bit more at $15.69

Will probably be $14 tomorrow, but hey.

Similar to STEM, they appeared to take a big eps hit due to warrants...I think this is largely a one-time SPAC-related thing.

The revenues and growth were solid.

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Regarding forecast.

They kept FY 980m forecast.

This is despite CARES act extension which they believe cost them about 40m in student loan rev. There was another 12m tied to Apex which no longer repeats.

So basically they raised guidance without raising guidance.

Mgmt seems solid on call.

Bank application process is encouraging...still in process. Last filing was march 2021. Not definitive timeline yet...but they want to be a national bank.

Very happy w growth from Galileo business aka tech platform revenue. They had on-prem and have been building out cloud based deployments. New partners will be onboarded straight to cloud.

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My $17.02 buy of SOFI doesn't look so good right now. Maybe double down tomorrow.

I did buy STEM twice and it rewarded, up 2.2% for the pair, up 4.7% for the second. Low price for the session occurred around midnight and I had just one good-'til order in place.

I went further in the hole on my SQ buy-write. The call is at $.03 but my $900 gain is dwarfed by $5,000 paper loss on the shares. I could write a $285 call for 8/20 expiration ($1.35 currently) and take my chances on next week. I think conventional wisdom would be to take the loss as a bad trade and move on. But, I don't mind holding SQ versus having more cash in the port.

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