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Best part: a Robot-as-a-Service business model
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I missed that, but it makes sense.
Everything can be "aas" if it can be automated and recurring in both what it provides and how you get paid for it.

The cool thing is this really isn't science fiction.
Drones are not new, but the advances in edge computing, AI, data collection, autonomous software.

There were a few novels by Daniel Suarez that I really enjoyed.
He likes being in front of technology concepts.

This one was on drones:

but in his biotech book, Change Agent, there are scenes with autonomous drones that just make a ton of sense. In that application, they were police/monitoring drones.

But, yes...the robots are coming.

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But, yes...the robots are coming.

Yes, they are. My response wasn't meant to be flippant but rather a recognition of the times we live in. My grandfather was born just after the Wright Brothers first flight and started his first farm with a pair of draft horses. He lived long enough to see men walk on the moon and a space station put in orbit.

Now we have robot drones flying themselves and phrases like "robot-as-a-service" are in the vernacular. Pretty cool.
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"There were a few novels by Daniel Suarez that I really enjoyed.""

No doubt that Daniel Suarez is one of the most interesting writers of our times.
I enjoyed all his books and I even read twice "Deamon" and "Kill Decision".

If you like SF you should read "The Murderbot Diaries" (6 novellas) by Martha Wells.
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congrats, btw, for capturing post #12345.

Well done!

I am over 300 Audible titles now. I have preferred audiobooks vs reading books for about 7-8 years now.

Running out of sci-fi I am interested in. I like certain readers and definitely certain authors.
There are two that don't necessarily produce the absolute finest books, but rather always consistently-interesting/satisfying books, that I have been reading more and more of. Here are some, but not all and most of my favorite reads:

Jeremy Robinson aka Jeremy Bishop aka Jeremiah Knight - 25 - this guy is prolific and feel like if I was ever to have become an author, this is close to what I would have been. It is sci-fi, but not necessarily could be in a jungle, or a version of hell on earth, or time travel, or involve godzilla-sized kaiju monsters. Never the absolute A+ books, but always solid A/B quality work, and almost always an entertaining listen.

RR Haywood - 25 - first got hooked on author via Code Series, then Undead series, and now listening to Extracted series. Like Jeremy Robinson, this is A-to-B quality, but consistently entertains me without being greatest novel I ever heard/read.

BV Larson - 24 - I feel like this is inflated, bc I got hooked on "Star Force" series early on in my audible listening, and that was about 12 books. The rest has been the "Mercenary" series.

Barry J. Hutchinson - 17 - this was largely the funny "Space Team" universe of books. Phil Thron is a good reader, too. These books got me thru a stressful part of my work career.

Mark Tufo - 15 - was surprised I had this many, but I got hooked for a while on his Zombie Fallout series and related spinoffs. It is "B" quality, but entertaining enough that you keep going.

Michael Stephen Fuchs - 14 - the epic Arisen series. Yes, a zombie series, but this is more series military approach, with just awesome characters and settings. There were few books I had a harder time waiting on then the last few in this series.

Craig Alanson - 12 - all the Expeditionary Force series. Cheesy and overly wordy in many spots, but the characters and spunky AI known as Skippy are like listening to old friends at this point. Like a lot of long series, they start good, fade a bit, and sometimes make a comeback in quality.

John Scalzi - 10 - start with Red Shirts to understand his humor. Old Man's War is another favorite.
Typically read by Wil Wheaton.

Keith C. Blackmore - 9 - The Mountain Man series primarily...a classic among zombie series.

Peter Clines - 9 - includes the Ex-Heroes series and misc novels. Imaginative scifi...but not necessarily space-related.

James SA Corey - 8 - these are the Expanse novels, made into very good tv series too. The reader, Jefferson Mays, has a very unique voice and cadence, and then you get used to him and feel like he utters prose like hot chocolate in the Winter.

Benjamin Wallace - 8 - this was actually (4) but two of the purchases were multiple books in one. He is funny and read by Phil Thron, so I put him and Barry Hutchinson together for comic relief choices.

Olan Thorensen - 7 - the Destiny's Crucible series. Basically, a chem masters grad gets abducted by aliens and dropped on another planet where humans have also evolved, but it is circa 1600s or so technology. Very addictive concept of bringing tech back in time kind of. Series is still going strong.

Jason Anspach/Nick Cole - 7 - the Galaxy's Edge series. They have a ton of spinoffs, but I only listen to the main series. Read by one of the best in RC Bray.

Scott Meyer - 7 - read by Luke Daniels, this is mainly the Magic 2.0 series. Very funny, and about concept of we are all part of a computer simulation, but in this case, some nerds figured out how to hack the code to their advantage.

Dennis E Taylor - 6 - the epic Bobiverse series is great. He also has had two good standalone novels...look forward to his future books.

Daniel Suarez - 5 - very good writer of future application of tech in scifi/dystopian manner.

Alastair Reynolds - 4 - I actually own most of his books, but re-bought some as audiobooks.

Brandon Sanderson - 4 - only from the "Reckoners" series. I don't read his fantasy stuff, which he appears to do a ton of. This series was more sci-fi/superheroes genre.

Rhett Bruno - 4 - standalones and enjoyed them all. Looking forward to more like The Roach and The Circuit.

Andy Weir - 2 - both very good. Martian and The Hail Mary.

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they had an investor day preso that led to yesterday's pop.

everything sounds/looks great. still "potential" vs orders, but the story remains intact and on track, it seems.


Massive opportunities throughout commercial space, such as oil and gas, railroads, and more.
They have a seemingly good relationship/sponsor in partnership with a big brother in Siemens Mobility for the Ondas Fullmax network.

When you combine that network with the drones/data play from the American Robotics (AR) acquisition, and you have the only current FAA-approved autonomous drone (beyond line of sight) platform in existence, it means you have some good first-mover potential/advantage. Now they just need to execute on it, get notable orders going, and then run PR around those orders.

ONDS is now just over a 2% position for me. #moonshot

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webinar link to go along with the deck:

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