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This is somewhat off-topic, but I am in the process of finding old financial and legal records of all types of things related to my indebtedness in general, but also trying to get organized better.

One of the things I am working on now is trying to figure out how to compose a standard (template) letter to each of separate medical providers I've had since 2005. In the last couple of years I had been to health providers in which I paid out of pocket.

My main interests are:

(1) getting a history of my bills paid to each provider (for tax purposes mostly)

(2) getting copies of my medical records to them, at least a summary depending on the provider, to be sent EITHER to myself directly, or to be sent to my current health provider.

NOTE: One year, I was on Medicaid and got my first mammogram. It showed some slight irregularity, but because by the time I was due for a follow-up more than six-months later, I was no longer Medicaid eligible. My current health provider said that I should be able to get a copy of my mammogram, HIPAA laws and all, but I don't know how to proceed. The Medicaid health center I went to a few years ago (including the mammogram) is sort of a confusing, monolithic place in a way and it was unclear to me (even at the time) who my primary ob-gyn was supposed to be.

Any tips for writing a generic form letter that would get me the info. I need? I also realize they might ask for a small fee to cover photocopies etc. Also: how long is a reasonable amount of time to wait for such records going back nearly four or more years? A couple of weeks? A month, or more?

Thank you.

Lois Carmen D.
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