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Sorry mate.... your "Free Market Fundamentalist" religion fails to impress me. It IS a religion - there is no evidence whatsoever that the market works that well, it doesn't. The market FAILS.

It fails because people do NOT get perfect information and it fails because it leaves a raft of unpriced externalities and it fails because the big money has captured and directs government to do what is good for big money. Lots of failures actually.

Nor are Friedman correct in asserting that it is connected with a free society. There is no evidence in history of such a connection and several significant counterexamples.

Which makes "Free Market Fundamentalism" a belief system comparable with Creationism or Communism. It is unsupportable in real world observations.

All you would get is massive fraud, abuse, corruption
So - No different from now then.

The biggest part of a gallon of gas is already fed and state taxes. folks still drive. And use billions of gallons of gas.

Less per mile now, and less than they did, and the current price isn't nearly high enough to keep people from making stupid choices about where to live and how.

What we tax mostly are resources and 'income' in various forms enumerated in a Swiss cheese...

Which does not address the principle. You are trying to distract here because you can't answer this. It is one of YOUR OWN principles. Taxes change behaviour and what we tax matters. In spite of the fact that ultimately we are the ones who pay the tax.

YOu all seem to have the same agenda. Pollute the planet with ethanol waste, stop nukes, (clean energy) at all costs - the commie wish)......stop coal mining , stop fossil fuel use, stop all research into better crops ......

OK... now you've started lying outright. You are making up rubbish and publishing it. Arguing with a liar is pretty counterproductive.

Planting trees only takes CO2 out of the air if then are NEVER ever ever harvested.

No... it takes CO2 out of the air as long as the tree is growing. It releases it in a bunch if the tree is harvested and burned. With a tax on CO2 the tree farmers will find non-fuel intensive ways to move lumber. Inconvenient and an incentive to use the wood wisely too.

And probably half your food stuff is imported with fossil fuels, and if they disappeared tomorrow your standard of living would collapse.

We export food. Guess again.

And every time, humans are smart enough to adapt.

Science is the tool we are smart WITH. You are arguing that the scientists are wrong JUST THIS TIME, based on no evidence whatsoever, and that they are otherwise perfectly brilliant and will save us from a problem that they themselves are terrified about... THEY know that there isn't an easy answer. YOU assume that they're lying when they collectively, are incapable of such a thing (individuals might falsify something, but the academies and scientific organizations cannot long tolerate such things and do not). Every one of those organizations tells you there is a big effing problem with climate.

"Running out of" *CHEAP* "oil"... we did. Nor was that a scientific issue, and we reduced our usage as you observed, because of the price.

"In global cooling?" A myth, a fairy tale out of the CEI liars forum.

"Not enough food to feed the world" - coming inevitably as we continue to eat the planet but apt to be overtaken by the climate change destroying farmland.

You only have the experience of one lifetime and you fail to comprehend that we have NOT "been there done that" with the climate as we are changing it.

We already pumped, 50 times faster than in any paleo-record we know of, enough CO2 to replace everything that Mother Nature sequestered in the past 3 or more thousand millennia... in 150 years. That's a step function change in a complex system. There is nothing we can look at to tell us what happens next... the models give us some idea but it isn't a good look. The temperature is rising some 20 times faster than any time in the climate record. We DO NOT know how things like the WAIS will respond.

...but adaptation is something you do gradually.

Fish Farms, as do other farms, depend on climate... they also depend on ocean chemistry which we are also changing.

What happens when as climate turns on us in the course of a mere decade or two? When we are challenged by frequent droughts, floods and different bugs and pests?

We keep FINDING more fossil fuels but we cannot afford them. Not really. Money makes that equation way too broken for you to be citing it here. There is no price on the CO2. All those things can be true and entirely irrelevant as we pump the CO2 forcing up to plus 4 degrees and higher. Can't grow stuff in NORTHERN Canada unless we also ship topsoil from the south.

Optimism never built a trustworthy bridge, and the bridge to the future is no different from any other. Do the risk analysis. Stop believing in the tooth fairy.
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