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Fanny Farmer has a basic recipe.

Rinse the fish and pat dry
Drench in flour mixed with salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder
Wet with beaten eggs
Drench with corn meal

Fry in oil at 375 deg. About 3 min one side; 2 min the other.

I find getting tender golden catfish is easy when the oil temperature is right. Especially not too hot.

But the flavor is a bit bland. What is the missing spice?

Search on Google turns up these suggestions–

Old Bay Seasoning
Seasoned salt
Cellery seed
Mustard powder

Panko Bread crumbs
Italian seasoned bread crumbs.
Dark beer

What’s your favorite?
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I fry flounder, not catfish. IMO catfish:flounder as, the cheaper but less delicious mud-dwelling, funky alternative, esp wild catfish rather than farmed. I eat a lot of seafood, but avoid farmed. Anyhoo, I don't fry fish or anything else often. And I don't really deep fry at all any more. Just enough oil so after the fish is flipped over, it's just deep enough to fry both sides. Deeper than pan-frying, but not as deep as deep frying. Aside from the health issue, I hate throwing away all that oil.

I dip fresh local flounder in beaten egg and then almond flour, sometimes a little panko added and whatever seasonings appeal in the moment. Old Bay is nice--I keep it on hand for boiling shrimp. I've also added finely ground unsweetened dried coconut flakes. Serve with lemon wedges--that keeps away the bland ;-) Also sufficient salt if high BP isn't an issue (I salt when serving as BP isn't an issue for me, but is for my husband).

I fry flounder maybe 3x/year. I make enough for leftovers the next day for lunch, and once I even froze leftovers, carefully wrapped, for a week or two. Worked fine. Reheated in toaster oven to avoid sogginess.
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What’s your favorite?

When I fry fish, I use Zatarain’s “FISH-FRI” (See; ). Of course, I buy it locally and not from Amazon, no. you might also try Tom’s recipe at .

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I don't fry food anymore, but catfish (and perch) were always fried in cornmeal batter when I was growing up. we used either tartar sauce or malt vinegar with it.
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I don't fry food anymore

I don't fry much either. But catfish is the exception. Of course some people bread it and then bake it.

I think its a nice change of pace--once in a while.
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