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My father is 75 years old. He wants to put all the money he has in his retirement fund from work into an S&P 500 fund. Is this a good idea right now?
(He has other money that is not invested. So, this is not everything he has going into this fund.)

What do you fools think?
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Find out what his Goals and Objectives are?

As thee old saying goes, "Never put all eggs in one

basket" because, we don't know what our economy is

going to do. This is why we must diversified..S&P 500

ought to be good along with Growth funds, maybe some

Bonds and Internation funds since, we're in Globle

Economy...also, check into a Roth IRA's

If he has Annuity, no-load Annuity might be his better

option, fees are cheaper, Vanguard and Fidelity carries

no-load Annuity.

Make sure you stay with no-load mutual funds fees are

inexpensive Vanguard, Fidelity, and Janus funds are

few that are mention here.

Does this help?

Have a good day and Fool-on

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