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Karman Albert II
NASA/Stratolunch Systems/Virginia Galactic

April 1, 2012

How To Get In On The First Stage Of Social Media That’s Out Of This World!

Good Afternoon Fellow Investor,

What you’re about to read may surprise you…

It’s the story of three men who have an incredible idea that is making Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and Twitter’s Biz Stone sweat…

They’re brash… unpredictable… and for the last decade, they have been right on the money!

I’m talking about NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden Jr, Stratolunch Systems founder Paul Allen and billionaire owner of Virginia Galactic, Richard Branson and their proven track records of launching incredible projects into space…

According to the Hulbert Financial Bugle, which rates the performance of over 180 interstellar projects, “Since it’s inception In April 2012, Spacebook has gained 22.8% annualized – far outpacing the Surefire 5000 Index’s gain of 6.2% annually.

Here’s the sweet spot in this for all of you

Charles, Paul and Richard are right now recommending one IPO that you can hold in your account for a decade or more…

And you can get the full details to get in the game today. To tell you all about it, I’ve got to go back to 1969...

Back to the days of Skylab… before personal computers… before social media… and an uncertain future. Sound familiar?

That’s because the best way to LAUNCH a product today is the same as it was in 1969. In fact, the process of building a space project has been much the same throughout all of the space market’s history (just ask John Glenn.)

A $5,000,000 investment today is worth more than $10,000 yesterday

At least according to Einstein.

Announcing Spacebook, the new interstellar Social Media adventure that’s taking the world like a sun storm.

What is Spacebook?

To millions of people around the world, Facebook is a primary means of communication, but the founders of Space book think that’s too limiting. There are billions of people on this planet and Charles, Paul and Richard think that they need a social media environment big enough to handle the real load. So they got together and figured out how they could leverage each of their individual special skills.

As head of NASA and a former astronaut, Charles Golden knows about space. He’s been there, he’s breathed in the vacuum of space (through a life support system), and he knows the real world ins and outs of communicating in outer space.

Paul Allen is the forgotten co-founder of Microsoft who got into space the old fashioned way, he funded it. As the principal investor in SpaceshipOne, which won the Anasari X Prize as the first private manned space craft to reach low earth orbit. His background in Information Technology provides a key element to building a social media platform.

Virginia Galactic’s Richard Branson knows something about making a big impact, whether it be Virginia Records, Virginia Atlantic airlines or Virginia Galactic, the first commercial space tourism company. And one lesson he has learned is you have to be able to give your customers value for the money and what better way to do so than connecting them in outer space?

One of the great stock market stories in the solar system

Spacebook is not your standard terrestrial communications tool. Fueled by the talents of Charles, Paul and Richard, Spacebook puts social media into a whole new orbit. The social media platform I’m about to describe may show remarkable similarities to Facebook, Google + and Twitter in their infancies but Spacebook has the potential to rocket astronauts into a whole new solar system!

Here’s the story…

A couple of years from now, you’ll be able to get into this company for about three times what it costs today. Yet as impressive as that is, we project it will continue growing at that pace well into the next galaxy!

You see, this IPO is a great buy today. More important, we believe it’s going to stay a great buy for a long time. And right now, it’s potential is climbing – just like Apollo 11 did off the launch pad in 1969 – so the earlier you get in, the better. Have a look…

When you join Spacebook, you are assigned your very own personal Space Station. You can go on EVAs (Extra Vehicular Activities or space walks) and science experiments to earn credits that can be spent decorating your station or building communications antennae to enhance your ability to communicate with other stations in low earth orbit (ground to space communication is standard with all space stations). The more successful the space walk or the bigger impact the scientific experiment, the more credits you earn.

Each space station is placed in a low earth orbit, with higher orbits being more high rent. The lower orbits are full of space junk, which if it hits you, can damage your station, requiring expensive repairs and possibly even emergency evacuation if you don’t have Spacebook Insurance. You can use your credits to acquire fuel to boost your space station into a higher orbit where there is less space junk and more safety. And since earth’s gravity is slowly but constantly pulling you back to earth, you have to regularly fire a rocket to reboost your station.

You can imagine the potential! Spacebook astronauts can not only attain a penthouse orbit level but must work to maintain that status! This provides a huge incentive for astronauts to conduct real and innovative science that will benefit mankind! It’s a win-win-win scenario for the astronaut, for the human race and, of course, for you as an investor in Spacebook!

Now, of course, security and identify protection is a big part of Spacebook. No one wants to get targeted by space lasers siphoning off fuel or intercepting communications. Spacebook protects its astronauts by establishing communications loops. As mentioned above, there is a default ground to space loop that allows Spacebook administrators to communicate with all space craft universally. You can establish your own space to space loops which allows you to communicate with other spacecraft that you have chosen to be in your loop, kind of like a secured party line. And if you want to establish one-to-one communication with a particular astronaut, you can privatize your loop for extra credits.

And that’s why this NEW Interstellar Super Brand recently made the revolutionary decision to not limit its growth to just mankind. The International Space Station, kind of a community rec center for all Spacebook Astronauts, has proven we can all get along with ourselves. But what about beings from other worlds?

That’s right, Spacebook is doing away with outdated industry practices that mock SETI initiatives. Galactic expansion is what the NEW Interstellar Super Brand is built around…

Spacebook is on a trajectory to become a cosmic brand powerhouse by delivering an astronomic astronaut experience. The sky is no longer the limit when your social media reaches other worlds and solar systems! That’s how Spacebook can continue to charge premium prices for long distance communications loops that reach across the universe to touch someone!

In essence, the NEW Interstellar Super Brand is using – in tandem – two of the secrets that drive humanity – social status and communication, and the drive for exploration and adventure!

Do you agree with us that there’s an unbelievable profit opportunity here?

The NEW Interstellar Super Brand believes sales will jump 23% in 2012, and another 22% in 2014 (estimates for 2013 were considered unlucky due to predictions of a rogue comet passing perilously close to Earth). Right now, the company conservatively estimates it will more than double its current sales by 2015. In other words, you couldn’t find a better opportunity, nor a better time than TODAY to get in!

NEW RULE: Always study the competitive landscape

Traditional social media is limited in scope to the planet Earth. But with Spacebook, there is infinite space for growth and a HUGE vacuum moat. Spacebook has more smarts and greater resources than each of its earth-bound competitors. It’s extremely well-managed and extremely profitable. In fact, they’re flat out more profitable than the traditional giants in the industry already.

In a second, you’ll discover how to get full details on this blockbuster-in-the-making stock, in an exclusive report we just finished, called “The NEW Interstellar Super Brand.” But before that…

NEW RULE: Find a niche and create something new

Just when you think there are no innovations left in social media, a company like Spacebook comes long and changes the way the game is played. Their “new way of doing things” has quickly turned them into the largest player of the FASTEST GROWING SEGMENT in the universe!

And the sweet spot in all this for you is this – the company can grow for a long, LONG time!

Think Wal-Mart. Think Starbucks. Think Apple!

Today the NEW Interstellar Super Brand has a limited number of launch ports out there – big cities like Los Angeles and New York have only one or two, for instance (because the air traffic is already so cluttered). And it’s only international sites so far are in Canada, Japan, England and Italy. The company continues to expand rapidly yet prudently (again, financed by cash flow, not debt), with the goal of reaching $12 Gazillion in sales by 2015.

Yes, I said $12 GAZILLION!

NEW RULE: The customer is King

Did you know that the average company loses more than half its customers every 5 years? Why?

It’s simple. Most companies start to think they are more important than their customers. And they get greedy, too. That’s when they try to stick it to their customers in ways they don’t think their customers will notice. Excessive fees, hidden charges, you know the drill. Or they cut customer benefits, while raising prices. What happens? Customers start to feel ripped off and they look for alternatives. And once they’re gone, they’re near impossible to get back (Right, Netflix?).

That’s just dumb. Yet it happens all the time.

Not with Spacebook! Once an astronaut is launched into outer space, Spacebook is the only way to get back again. They won’t have to change the rules mid-game – they already have customers over the barrel to begin with! But because Mission Control users former astronauts as Capsule Communicators (CapCom), the current crop of astronauts will always think they are getting the best customer service from people who understand their experience!

They create a much better experience than people are used to getting... and in doing so, they raise the bar on what consumers expect -- raising it so high that every day more and more consumers are changing from competitors who just don't get it... and who are falling further behind.

NEW RULE: Hire passionate People.

Apple hires only people who are passionate about what they do. The NEW Interstellar Super Brand has a strong, loyal culture of happy and highly intelligent scientists. This is not only critical in their customer service-intensive business, it depletes the pool of qualified space engineers available to the competition, making it extremely difficult for anyone else to replicate.

And the word is getting out. Last year, a leading industry publication named the company’s CEO one of the most influential movers and shakers (have you ever been to a launch?) in the industry. And that’s not because he was offered a ride in a Russian Soyuz.

This IPO is RIGHT NOW in a perfect buying window.

As I mentioned a minute ago, every dollar held in this stock would have grown to stellar levels in just years. Meanwhile, how would you have fared just holding shares in the S&P 500? With the kind of thrust behind Spacebook, you would have smoked the market!

It’s not easy to keep piling on gains, while the biggest blue-chip stocks barely break even. But holding this one stock, you leave most other investors in the dust. Not to mention most mutual fund investors!

But why would we recommend a company that's already up this much? Because it's just getting started. And after a temporary pullback -- investors today are poised to buy it on the cheap!

Remember, if you bought Wal-Mart 10 years after it IPO'd, you would've still made a fortune. And likewise you would've multiplied your Starbucks investment nearly eight times if you bought 5 years after SBUX went public...

That's why I want to rush you a FREE report with full details on this great growth opportunity... And I'm so confident this special FREE report, "The NEW Interstellar Super Brand," will properly position you for this massive and inevitable opportunity -- I'm willing to make you this powerful guarantee...

Your special "keep everything" & "lose nothing" -- DOUBLE GUARANTEE

Because we stand behind every piece of advice, insight and recommendation you'll get from this service -- I'd like to offer you the opportunity to position yourself to make a pile of money and soak up all the solar rays Spacebook has to offer. Here's how it'll work...

You can tell me to send your money back, up to the last day of your first month. And I'll give you a FULL REFUND -- NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Yes... the full details of The NEW Interstellar Super Brand... plus all the Spacebook credits you accumulate - are ALL YOURS TO KEEP WITH MY COMPLIMENTS.

And if you decide you'd like out at any point after your first month, I'll gladly send you a shuttle to return to Earth! Of course this kind of guarantee makes it possible to snap up everything we have to offer and pay nothing! That's okay. Because that's how confident I am in what we have to offer you. And if you commit to the Spacebook IPO today, April 1st 2012 only, we’ll knock $100 off the $999.99 estimated IPO price!

Spacebook is fully accountable TO YOU

We track Spacebook’s results straight up against the S&P 500 -- right there in Mission Control. You can see everything we've EVER done, and what we're doing every month or anytime on our owners-only web site.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Look at everything your subscription includes:

Monthly Issues featuring our EVAs of the month, updates on past scientific experiments and how they’ve benefited mankind!

Between Issue Updates and Alerts keeping via email keeping you abreast of growth metrics like orbital density and communications traffic volume!

24/7 website access for owners only: you can read the current issue as soon as we write it, brows our ongoing Q&A session, plus track spacecraft across the sky with our orbital tracker monitoring system (note that LOS – Loss of Signal – may result periods when the website may be unavailable)!

Online discussion boards where you can talk with other Spacebook owners and teams of SETI experts as Spacebook expands beyond the Milky Way!

After all, Spacebook is a lot like an investment university. It’s an active community of rocket scientists!

“The New Interstellar Super Brand” - This is a great growth investment. The stock combines all the key elements for fast-growing success: a great business model (growth financed from cash flow, not debt), great management, happy employees and customers, a brand people are changing to in droves because of the wonderful customer experience, and a major long-term expansion opportunity...

At the end of last year, the company signed several new leases, bringing the current pipeline of launch vehicles to be opened to a record 88. And according to a recent article in The Space Street Journal, the NEW Interstellar Super Brand actually increases property values in the areas where it opens a space port, a selling point the company will be able to exploit when it negotiates future leases.

Plus, get these valuable bonus gifts FREE!

Yes, there are even more great opportunities for you in our special IPO offer today! You’ll also receive…

“Space, The Final Frontier” – Get the audio version of William Shatner’s auto-biography recorded in song by Captain Kirk himself!

“I Can Do That, Dave!” – Read the gripping tale of how Hal 9000 was sent to a rehabilitation center and came out a supercomputer with a whole new look on inter-species relations!

“Serenity – How To Make Long Distance Relationships In Space Work” – The ultimate guide in how to not let the relationship grow stale in hypersleep!

“Caves of Star Wars” – The untold story of how George Lucas discovered the Star Wars saga on hieroglyphics found in caves buried below the Great Wall of China and then passed it off as an original story!

Act Now and we’ll send you one of the most valuable special reports we’ve ever put together here at Spacebook – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

If you buy your Spacebook IPO shares right now through this post – because this special offer is only available April 1st 2012 – we’ll send you a FREE copy of Space Stocks 2012 (a $20.01) value. Where else can you get great Space investment ideas from the likes of Charles Golden, Paul Allen and Richard Branson? That’s why we’ve asked our top space engineers to hand-pick 14 diverse investments that are in a position to profit along with Spacebook in the coming year…

As with any truly remarkable offer – this package is only available April 1st 2012. I can only guarantee you this special offer, a FREE copy of “The New Interstellar Super Brand”, the 4 additional FREE REPORTS, plus your FREE copy of Space Stocks 2012 – if you invest in Spacebook’s IPO right now AND you do so through this post!

Please hurry. It’s going to be hard to offer so much… for so little… for very long!

Most important, I urge you to click the link below to properly position yourself for potential windfall gains from the NEW American Super Brand stock...

We project this stock will triple within the next few years. And it could pour substantial money into your portfolio for 10 to 15 years, at which point some investors will look back at today's share price and wonder how they missed out...

Others, however, will look back proudly with the sense of accomplishment that only comes from snapping up a life-changing investment opportunity.

Act now!


Karman Albert II

P.S. This is a no-lose proposition. You're covered by our special "keep everything and risk nothing" DOUBLE GUARANTEE. Your "NEW Interstellar Super Brand" report... plus 4 more FREE GIFTS (more than a $175 value)... and your copy of Space Stocks 2012 (a $20.01 value)... not to mention all the content you can access on the Spacebook Owners members-only website: ALL YOURS TO KEEP WITH MY COMPLIMENTS REGARDLESS OF HOW LONG YOU'RE WITH US.

There's only one catch: To take advantage of this remarkable offer, you must today!

Who wishes everyone Happy Investing on April Fool's Day!
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