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I'm seeing some attractive fares to Europe on Delta (and its partners) lately and dreaming about a trip once it's "safe."

Where in Europe would you like to go, and why?

For DW and me, we'd like to take 3 weeks or so and hang out in: (1) France (Paris, Lyon, and/or Nice), (2) Italy (Tuscany and/or Puglia), or (3) Greece (Athens and/or various islands, incl. Crete). Or (4) Ireland.

Hey, we can dream, right?
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Where in Europe would you like to go, and why?

I would like to check out Portugal for 90 days and scope out areas we might like to relocate to. Covid is only part of the delay for us, however. We have a Senior Pooch who does not travel well, and we are not hurrying him along.

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It's hard to pick just a few places. I would like to do an off-the-beaten-path trip sometime. Go to places that are not-Paris, not-Rome, etc. The Balkans, Poland, Hungary, etc. I understand some of them have gorgeous national parks. I realize that America is the envy of the world in terms of national parks (or so Europeans have implied when commenting on the natural splendor here), but I've seen photos of parks in Croatia and the Czech Republic, and they appear to be beautiful.

One thing that might be fun is spending a week or so in Cinca Terre. We did a cruise excursion there, and it was really nice. A little more time to wander would have been cool.

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In the winter we like the Christmas markets so places like Austria & Germany.

I avoid summer travel, the closest has been May or October. We've done a number of trips to Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy and England. What I'd really like to do would be to rent a car and drive to places that aren't as accessible from trains. I doubt I would ever do that since I don't like driving in foreign countries. Also the further out you go, the more likely you'll have language issues.

Maybe hire someone for a day or so and visit the countryside of various places. I've always wanted to visit more of the WW2 sites in Belgium and France. I've also haven't been to places like Prague, Budapest in more eastern Europe.

I've heard good things about Ireland.

I avoided Italy for a long time because I had a work trip to Naples and detested it but eventually we went to Milan, Bergamo, Lake Cuomo and really enjoyed it. My wife speaks fluent Spanish and we probably should do a trip there. I've only been to the Navy base (Rota) which was in a very nice location.

I think any of the above is still possible. Other places that would be interesting to see are in Asia, Australia, or South America but I don't see myself traveling there for a variety of reasons.
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