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In the Oct 2007 issue intro, Bill wrote:
> ... next month ... We'll also have a special surprise.

Er, I guess I'm just a bit thick. What was the surprise?
The only thing particularly unusual that I see (apart from
the typical anniversary review stuff) is the sell rec.
Did you know, as you wrote last month's intro, that CHL
would pop 30% by the next issue, and would thus need
to sell? ... Wish you'd have mentioned that. ;)

But seriously, what was the "special surprise?"
Will there be a lollipop or party-hat, in the envelope
with the paper copy, or something?
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I, too, was looking for the special surprise. Did I overlook it?

Foolish best!
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To me the surprise was that they did what many have asked for on many boards, gave a buy below price. Maybe that was it.

Now I just have to decide whether I like the surprise.

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