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Hi all,

I've been largely absent from the boards lately -- I am getting REALLY BUSY with the upcoming wedding, (in what, 60 days??) stuff at work, basically LOTS OF CHANGES! Geez I'm getting jittery and starting to YELL IN ALL CAPS!

And I am now in full on spendaholic mode -- this feels *weird*. I throw $1K at people these days like it is nothing. The wedding spending has been heavy this month, and I was taken a bit by surprise. I thought next month would be heavier, but now maybe April will be calm and I will fork over mad cash again in May?

* WORK * -- I now telecommute from home full time, due to changes at my employer. This is awesome, yet challenging. I'm still trying to adjust. I get some stuff paid for, but other costs (phone bills) have increased, so it is kindof a wash. My home office has been a shambles, and the house is a mess.

* HOME * -- We're trying to refi the house due to DF's crappy-terms mortgage (her credit is better now YAY, but still with room for improvement) and I have to buy tools and materials to fix some things *now*. If we get it done we can probably "skip a payment", so maybe that will help the cash flow. Don't worry, we have equity in the house that we are NOT withdrawing, and it will be a conventional 30-yr mortgage with no 2nd or HELOC. I'm doing repair/remodel stuff myself in my *cough* spare time ...

* ANIMALS * -- Surprise vet bills this month. Bad timing. Tumors and such, not life-threatening just expensive. And then the pet-food scare, and making homemade food for a while, and ... does it ever end? :-)

* WEDDING * -- Paid for half the honeymoon already (airfare & hotel), paid for my suit, her dress, attendants' gear, another 1/3rd of the reception, deposit for flowers, and probably some stuff I forgot about. Dropped about 4 grand in as many days last week ... giant sucking sound. Wedding reception place is being jerky and overcharging us for stuff, so we're moving some wedding activities to another location -- still more annoying headaches that we don't need ... but generally all the details are falling in line.

If the stars align, DF and I will get through the wedding and honeymoon without being too far in the red. If we liquidated our Efund *today* to pay the current wedding bills, we would probably be at break even/flat broke -- but there are still 4 paydays between now and the wedding, so we will see how well we do. Note that I am not figuring any wedding gifts of cash into our budget, since I can't count on them materializing.

Oh crud I gotta get back to work ...


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Calm down. No really! CALM DOWN!!

Now, isn't that better.

As Stephen Covey says, "First things first." So get that workspace in order and get into the home office routine. Second, to me, would be to get the wedding costs under control. Hey, it's just another event in a life full of them. A wedding should be what you can easily afford, not some dream adventure that puts you in hock for years. Contrary to popular opinion (or maybe not these days), the primary costs of a wedding should be covered by the groom and bride.

*ANIMALS* - They love us unconditionally and so we love them back the same way. I send my best wishes to your pets for a speedy recovery. It's money well-spent.

And when things get bad, work harder, do your best, then relax at the end of the day and have a nice cold beer.

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