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I was following the thread on SprintPCS and their spectacular customer service (sarcasm!). I too have SprintPCS and have been about at the end of my rope with them.... until today.

I was on a business trip this past weekend and my phone got turned off Friday afternoon. My bill is not due until the end of this week, so I was quite upset. Turns out I "exceeded my spending limit." Hmmmm. Spending limit? I pay the stupid bill every month in full, on time. Why do I have a spending limit? Okay, I'll pay the bill (Fri at 5pm) and get it turned back on - they say within 12 hrs, usually less. Uh, nope. Long story short, the phone wasn't turned on until Sunday afternoon.

I was MORE than upset with this, and have been thinking about switching anyways (I need more minutes). Well, I called Sprint today, and said I had been a customer for years but was very upset with them and if they couldn't give me a reason to stay, I'd cancel in Aug (when my contract is up) and go to AT&T.

They offered me 150 extra "anytime" minutes for no charge and without changing my plan. Yay! That's what I wanted in the first place.

So, reverbrad and anyone else who gets shabby service, before you bail on your current provider, call and ask what they'll do for you to keep you. It might be worth it to stay!

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I have only had a few bad experiences w/ Sprint. (for a while, my voicemail box was deleting messages automatically. calls weren't reaching me in LA even though I had 5 bars of signal, etc.)

But they will try hard to retain your service. I had a Samsung SPH-3500 phone for about 2 yrs and when it wore out (wiring to the speaker went dead) I called them and said this: "I like your service, but my phone is dead. And since my contract w/ you just ran up, I'm thinking of going to AT& T because they'll give me a free phone just to sign." They countered by not only offering me a free phone to stay, but did so without a contract. I said I was only interested in the new Samsung N200 (new version of my old and goes for$180) and they said fine. They sent me a refurbished one but it's worked fine. They also offered to drop my $50/ month plan to $35/ month if I'd sign a 1 yr contract, which I did. So since this is my only phone, I only pay $35/ month for phone service, nationwide longdistance minutes included.

So if you can actually get through, you can negotiate with them, assuming you've paid bills on time, etc.

p.s. since they've removed their phone number (for tech support) from the website, here it is

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I called them after the whole incident. They were nice enough, but told me that their system was down (so they couldn't do anything), but it is indeed their policy to call folks when a bill is overdue, even just a little.

I have been meaning to call them again, but I am not particularly looking forward to it. At present, I feel that if they aren't willing to be proactive in keeping me, I might just ditch the phone.

Thanks for the info, though, I will definitely keep it in mind!
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My recent experiences with SprintPCS have been less than pleasant....


August 2001- Sign up for a year service
January 2002- Change plans. Have to sign for another year (ending Jan 2003). They shut off my phone the next day. I was only able to call cust service from the phone, so I had them credit back the service termination fee they charged me in error.
July 2002- Service is shut off again. Call to find out why, and it appears that back in January, they over credited me $150 and are just finding it. So they charged me the $150 which put me over my spending limit and terminated service. Customer service did nothing to help me and told me that I had to pay the $150 in order to get service restored. Well, I Planetfeedbacked, filed a BBB complaint, and I took copies of ALL my statements, and the letters sent to PFB and the BBB to their Main office in my town and told the CSR that I was very unhappy with their customer service. The CSR credited me my $150, and had the service turned on within seconds.

This all happened during the time I sent an online payment to them for $8.18 via my online banking service. This is how I pay all of my bills each month. Well, the money came out of my account on 6/12/02, and didn't get posted until 7/5/02.

I think that 6 months to notice a billing error is excessive as well as almost a month to post a payment.

When my contract is up in January, I'm cancelling no matter what they can give me for free.

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I have my own memories of Sprint long before they had anything called cell phones: a bad connection, their residential customer service number was out of order, no promised fiber optic network, no refund, sending me a bill multiple times, even after I sent them a photocopy of the cancelled check. That one phone call and all the problems I had with it will keep me away from anything with "Sprint" in its name.
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