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Spotted on I-94 yesterday betwwen Detroit Metro Airport and Ypsilanti, I was behind what was obviously a Ford 500 or Mercury Montego. I drove around it and passed it, looking at the front and rear "bras" to cover the rear-end/bumper and the front grille. It had a few antennas and other doo-hickeys sticking out the window and on top of the roof.

However, with the bras covering the front and rear, it looks to me like there will only be a "mild" restyling of the 500/Montego next year or so. Unfortunately, it's the exact same body as the current model, including the 1990's Audi roofline.

Bummer. I was hoping that they would actually redesign the body shape a bit to look more "slim" like the Fusion/Milan/MKZ.

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