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Stalin, Xi and Hitler would approve:

- Divitias

I have family in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They look at Saskatchewan, and Alberta like thinking-people in the USA look in ridicule at leaders in Mississippi, Texas, and Florida when fighting COVID. (Don't get me started on the new doofus, our Surgeon General, in the Banana Republic of Florida.)

I know that you are misreading what you are posting in your OP.

Sir Godwin, is it your contention that Saskatchewan, Canada, is disappearing their citizens for "re-education" or erecting concentration camps as I type? No? Then maybe you want to breathe in and out of a paper bag to bring your hyperventilating under control.

Yes? Do you mean Saskatchewan is on the precipice of establishing a dictatorship as evil as Xi's, Stalin's, or Hitler's? So, where is the output from the forced labor camps in Saskatchewan, and how are the citizens of Saskatchewan, many of whom had grandfathers fighting actual Nazis in WWII, not missing any of their neighbors? How is it people in Saskatoon do not see the imaginary dictatorship forming which you perceive?

It's not like doctors are demanding Saskatchewan set up studies on Eugenics. Medical professionals in lab coats are not marching like white supremacists as we saw in Charlottesville screaming, "Blood and Soil! You will not replace us!" These doctors are not storming the Province Capitol similar to our January 6th insurrection here in the States. These tired front-line workers are not screaming anti-masker/anti-vaccinator conspiracy theories at school board members' meetings mid-week as is happening in the USA.

To get your caboose back on track, this is the update from Saskatchewan yesterday:

Twenty-one medical health officers — doctors charged with advising government leaders on how to keep people safe — wrote to Saskatchewan Health Minister Paul Merriman last week pleading for more restrictions to stop the spread of COVID-19.

It was their second attempt. They previously wrote a letter in August.

"The Medical Health Officers of Saskatchewan (MHOs) would like to express our continued and growing concern about the current state of COVID-19 in our province and the lack of effectiveness of the current public health measures," it says.

These are the men and women on the front lines who have to put up with lax policies from stupid politicians putting partisan politics ahead of sound healthcare measures which have been in place for over a century.

Honestly, now, have you ever seen an ER where no one wore masks, gowns, surgical gloves (after scrubbing the hands raw with fingernail brushes), or throwaway booties? There's a reason for all that; it's not just to make Canadian MAGA-types fear encroaching dictatorship.

Do you put trust in the schooled healthcare workers who are about to knock you out to operate on you, or do you call Biff the Plumber who has no medical training? Do you stamp your feet to have Biff the Plumber cut you open because he's your bud and seems to know stuff? No?

Think about the 75 doctors who protested at a Palm Beach, Florida Hospital this past Summer against Governor de Santis' laissez-faire approach to the pandemic. They wanted proof of vaccinations for all their workers. They wanted stricter mask protocols. The doctors were not trying to install a Democratic dictator worse than our Authoritarian Ron de Santis from the GQP. Hell, these doctors protested before their shifts began, usually 12+-hours long and seven days a week. They sought proper healthcare protocols to protect the public and stop the flood of anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers from taking up valuable space in their overrun hospital.

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. (NBC) – Dozens of South Florida doctors staged a ceremonial walkout on Monday to protest the number of unvaccinated COVID-19 patients flooding their hospital in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The same thing is going on here up in Saskatchewan. The healthcare front-line's patience is running out. They are done dealing with stupid people and pandering politicians who refuse to fight the good fight against a Pandemic that overburdens their healthcare system and is needlessly killing people brainwashed by right-wing information outlets.

Stay Calm, Sir Godwin. The government of Saskatchewan and its healthcare department are not rounding up citizens. A secret Polizei loyal to Antifa is not shooting Canadians and dumping their bodies in mass graves. Canadian Mounties are not arresting Canadian citizens and sending them away on cattle car trains. Canadian soldiers are not demanding anti-vaxxers sew big bright "As" on their clothes while the hordes pillage their homes and businesses.

You've miscommunicated what you read, that's all, and you've overdone the comparisons to 3 dictators, which is crazy.

Pip pip, stiff upper lip, get a grip.
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