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No. of Recommendations: 149
Yesterday I had the pleasent experience of submitting a post that generated at last count 45 recommendations. I think my previous high was 5, and I think that many of you (at least 75%) would agree with me that 45 is more than 5. Thus by narrowly beating my old record it brought to my attention some things that I had only vaguely been cognizant of before.
After doing some exhaustive research-almost 11 minutes (or twice the average time some spend researching a company before flipping a coin and saying heads I buy, tails I don't),I have had the following revelations. Revelation # 1(and you can imagine my disappoinment when I found this out):The stars next to your name are not given out for recommendations,but for the # of posts i.e 50,250 etc. Revelation # 2: some people really care about these stars and recs. Revelation # 3: Some people really care about these stars. I came across one person who was begging for recommendations to reach his goal of 200. I also discovered that there is evidently a board for people to post just to get stars or where you can say anything and get a recommendation. As I find that the number of my posts is whoafully inadequate and that I am not even half way to my first star it has become increasingly clear that I must dramatically increase the number of my posts to obtain a coveted star. The following is a list of tried and true ways to increase both the # of your posts and in some cases your recommendations.
First-2 disclaimers:1) My tongue is firmly in my cheek and I in no way wish to belittle anyones posts. 2) I am LTBH on xyr2d2 and own 1 1/2 shares.
Top ways to increase your postings
1. Ask when the split date is.
2. sumbmit a post flaming anyone with the audacity to ask # 1. (make sure you include some profanity to show that you are a genius and your intelligence has been insulted).
3.Submit a poll such as this:What do you think(insert stock symbol here) will close at tomorrow-be sure to include the appropriate responses which in this case would be Yes,NO,Maybe and I thought this was ebay where do I submit my bid.
4.Submit another poll.
5.Post an obscure news item (the more meaningless the better) and state emphatically that this will cause your stock to skyrocket the next day.
6.Submit a post proclaiming that you have lost all your money trading on margin (this one is also good for 1500 recommendations--Yeah I know I felt bad for him too) I do not personally reccomend this method.
7.Submit a post stating what the price of a stock will be by years end (make sure this is not based on p/e;sales or market conditions but on absolutely nothing). This can also be done with a poll: What will this stock do in the next year? rise 100%;200%1000%;12000%. Be sure not to include anything under 100% as that would be plain silly.
8.Scour TMF looking for a board with 199,499,or 999 posts. When you find one post the following:Hey we made it to 500 posts, yeah! it is not important to add anything else here as the significance speaks for itself.
9.Ask if any one knows anything about such and such a stock--make sure not to do any research beforehand as that would spoil it for those who eagerly await their chance to respond.
10.Compile a list of ways to increase your posts.
11.I never said this was a top 10 list!
12.Respond to the most annoying person on the board asking them to either chill out or go elsewhere. Ask those who agree with you to recommend this post. This is good for many recs. and is much preferred to losing all your money on margin.
13.Submit a post stating emphaticallly your LTBH stance on a stock you have owned for 3 days
14.Submit a post that says XYZ ROCKS!!! Remember to recommend this type of post so the rest of us can enjoy it too.
15.Submit a poll.
16.Okay there is no 16, but I wanted to increase the quantity.

P.S. When is the split date for XYR2D2? I can't wait to have 3 shares and see my money double overnight!

P.P.S. Be sure to reccommend this post-do not force me to beg at Gimme some stars.

P.P.P.S. XYR2D2 ROCKS!!!!!
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